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Acts of Kindness

Eleven-year-old Kaylee asked this question: "What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

My best friend wrote me a note saying that I was the closest friend she'd ever had. It made me feel good to know that I'm important and special to her.
–Lilly, age 13, New Jersey

My parents won't let me get my ears pierced until I'm 16. My best friend decided to wait to get her ears pierced when she's 16 so that we can do it together. I thought that was so sweet of her.
–Lizzie, age 11, Maryland

For my birthday, my little cousins made cards for me. Even though I couldn't figure out what they drew, it was thoughtful of them to draw pictures for me.
–Marissa, age 12, Pennsylvania

On the last day of elementary school, I wrote a nice letter to each of my teachers, saying how much I appreciated them. One of my teachers wrote back, which surprised me! She told me that I was a good student. It was nice to know that she cared about me.
–Sara, age 11, Massachusetts

The nicest thing anyone has done for me was when my older cousin, Sherry, taught me how to swim. We were in Florida for a family reunion, and everyone was swimming. I was the youngest one there, and Sherry took the time to teach me so that I wouldn't feel left out.
–Amanda, age 10, West Virginia

I broke my wrist last year. When I got home from the hospital, all of my friends were there for a surprise party. They took turns signing my cast, and we had so much fun.
–Angie, age 12, Alaska

When my dog passed away, our veterinarian planted a tree in her honor. Even though I was sad, that act of kindness comforted me.
–Tessa, age 13, New Hampshire

On my first day of school, a girl asked me to sit with her at lunch. My family moves often, so it can be hard to meet new people. It meant a lot that someone was willing to be friends with the new girl.
–Elise, age 12, Massachusetts

When the ice cream truck came to my street, I was sad because I had no money, so my friend bought me an ice cream cone. It was a small thing, but I thought it was very kind.
–Diana, age 8, Washington

At my first ice-skating meet, a girl I was competing against came up to me and said, "Good luck!" After I skated, she told me that I did a good job, too. Even though we were competing against each other, it was nice that she thought of me.
–Taylor, age 12, Illinois

My aunt knows how much I love horses, so for my birthday, she gave me riding lessons! That was one of the greatest things anyone has ever done for me.
–Penelope, age 10, Virginia

When I was sick with the flu, my brother went out of his way to make me feel better. He made a "Get Well Soon" card for me, brought me soup, and gave me lots of love.
–Mary, age 12, Tennessee

At school, I sang a solo at an assembly. My friends showed their support—they were waving signs and cheering for me! It made me feel good to know they cared.
–An American Girl fan, age 8, California

A few years ago, a girl bullied me. She expected me to do everything for her and was very rude. Then one day, another girl took me under her wing and helped me stand up to the bully. She was always there to talk to and gave me the courage to be myself.
–Evelyn, age 12, Maryland

One day at school, I forgot my lunch. All of my friends gave me one thing from each of their lunches—even my teacher gave me a brownie! I am lucky to have those nice people in my life.
–Brooke, age 11, Texas

After a bad day, I came home and started pouring out my feelings to my mom. In the middle of our conversation, she got up and said, "I have to make dinner." I was a little upset, but when I came down to eat, I saw that she had made all of my favorite comfort foods. That meal made me feel a lot better.
–Nora, age 9, New York

There isn't one particular nice thing that sticks out in my mind. My family does sweet things for me all the time. They tell me I'm beautiful and make me feel good about myself. I'll hold in my heart forever the gifts they've given me.
–Patty, age 12, Pennsylvania

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