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Critter Conversations

Twelve-year-old Rachel asked this question: "If you could have a conversation with any animal, which animal would you choose and why?

These girls shared their thoughts:

If I could have a conversation with any animal, I'd pick my puppy because she always barks when I talk to her. I wonder what she's trying to tell me.
–Claudine, age 10, New York

I would choose to have a conversation with a wolf. Wolves are my favorite animals, and it would be so interesting to learn about all of their adventures in the wild.
–Gianna, age 11, Iowa

I'd talk to a bird because he probably would have flown all over the world. It would be interesting to hear about a bird's travels, since birds see everything from up above.
–Claire, age 13, Texas

I would have a conversation with a giant squid. Since scientists are still trying to discover things about life at the bottom of the ocean, a squid could tell me secrets about the deep sea.
–Jessica, age 11, Michigan

I'd like to have a conversation with my cat. He constantly meows and meows throughout the house, and I never know the reason for all of this meowing. I'd ask my cat what's wrong and if there's anything I can do to help.
–Lauren, age 10, Florida

I'd definitely talk to a dolphin. I'm a swimmer, so I think a dolphin could share some great swimming tips with me.
–Brenna, age 9, Louisiana

I would choose a horse because horses are free-spirited, spunky animals. I would love hearing about horse competitions and what happens in the barn every day.
–Alli, age 13, Wisconsin

If I could have a conversation with an animal, I would choose a flamingo. I'd ask if she likes being pink and how she feels about fake lawn flamingos!
–Mollie, age 11, Indiana

I would love to have a conversation with a monkey. We'd hang upside down from branches, eat bananas, and talk about our big families—how annoying they are but how much we love them, too.
–Brigid, age 10, New Jersey

I would choose a giraffe. I've always been the shortest person in my class, so I would ask a giraffe what it's like to be so tall.
–Maeve, age 8, Michigan

I'd want to have a conversation with a shark because sharks are among the animals most feared by people. I would ask if sharks themselves are actually scared of humans.
–Malorie, age 12, Minnesota

If I could talk to an animal, I would choose my hamster. I'd ask why she sleeps and eats so much. And I'm sure she'd ask me why I don't give her enough treats.
–An American Girl fan, age 11, California

If I could have a conversation with any animal, it would be a dinosaur. I could find out what it was like to live long ago and discover the reason dinosaurs became extinct.
–Erin, age 12, New York

I would like to have a conversation with a squirrel. I would ask him how he climbs trees and try to convince him that people think squirrels are cute and don't want to hurt them.
–Reilly, age 10, Ohio

My new fish is named Naymar, and he seems to be fascinated by the rocks on the bottom of his tank. I want to know why those rocks are so interesting to him!
–Kierlyn, age 12, Nebraska

Do I have to choose just one animal? I love all animals! I'd ask a horse if she likes grass or grain better. I'd ask a dog why he barks so much. And then there are cats and birds and sheep and tigers. I could never choose just one animal to talk to.
–Allie, age 10, Michigan

Past You Said It!