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Summer Fun

Twelve-year-old Liz asked this question: "What is your favorite summer activity to do outside and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

Swimming is my favorite summer activity. When I'm in the water, I feel as if nothing can bother me. All of my negative feelings just melt away.
–Khloe, age 10, Iowa

Even though this doesn't sound like fun, my favorite thing to do outside is yard work for my elderly neighbor. She likes it when people help her, and I feel good helping, too.
–Abby, age 9, Michigan

At camp this summer, I started taking tennis lessons. After a few days, I got pretty good! Now I practice tennis every day at home.
–Camila, age 11, Florida

In the summer, I take my dog for lots of walks. It's nice to get fresh air, and I love spending time with my dog.
–Emma, age 12, Pennsylvania

My favorite thing to do outside is going out at night to catch fireflies. My siblings and I love to watch them twinkle. It's always a magical scene.
–Jordan, age 10, New Jersey

I love bodyboarding—it's so much fun to catch big waves and ride them all the way to the shore.
–Shelby, age 9, California

My best friend and I love to lie in the grass and watch the clouds float by. It's fun to spot different shapes together, and the crisp scent of the pine trees makes us want to lie in the shade forever.
–Elissa, age 11, Idaho

I enjoy doing summer activities with my family. We go to amusement parks, hike, and play board games in the backyard. Being with my family is always a blast!
–Anne, age 10, California

I always look forward to sailing on a lake in the summer. I love feeling the little waves lap at the sides of the boat and watching the colorful sail swish in the air. Out on the water, I feel so free.
–Mimmy, age 11, Massachusetts

I love sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows and singing camp songs. I feel so happy at a campfire—they are part of my best summer memories!
–Olivia, age 13, Virginia

My friends and I love making up skits outside. We use things from the outdoors as props, such as stones and flowers. We have tons of fun!
–Corinne, age 12, Virginia

Gardening is my favorite summertime activity. I love planting things, and when they grow, I feel proud of myself.
–Kayley, age 11, North Carolina

It's fun to take pictures, so in the summer, I like to walk around the area in which I live with my camera and take nature photos. It helps me relax and celebrate the little things in life.
–Zoey, age 12, Colorado

I love to read, so in the summer, my favorite thing to do is to have a picnic outside with a stack of my favorite books. Sometimes I'll bring my bird guide and identify birds, too.
–Alice, age 10, Washington

At a summer camp, I discovered that I love fencing. The outfits are awesome, and I always smile when I hear my opponent say, "TouchŽ." That means I did something good!
–Sophia, age 11, California

Every summer, I go on a two-night kayak retreat with my friends. I love the feeling of drifting the middle of the lake with my friends. It's so peaceful.
–Mariah, age 12, Colorado

Since I live in Hawaii, it's like every day is summer! My favorite thing to do is go down to the beach with friends and just hang out. At night, I like to put my toes in the sand and sing songs.
–Kayly, age 13, Hawaii

Past You Said It!