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Creative Camps

Ten-year-old Kaleigh asked this question: "If you could create an awesome summer camp, what would the theme be and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

The theme of my summer camp would be moviemaking. Every person at the camp would have a special job, such as being an actress or costume designer—just as in a real movie. Adult leaders would give the campers advice and teach them about moviemaking. At the end of the summer, we would present a movie to an audience.
–Veronica, age 12, Washington

I would create a cooking camp. I'd teach kids how to cook simple meals and tasty treats for friends and family. My mom says cooking is a good skill to have, and I think so, too.
–Maddie, age 10, Georgia

At my summer camp, campers would bring along their dogs. There would be grooming classes, training courses, and games to play with our furry friends. And, of course, there'd be treats for dogs and their people, too.
–Meg, age 12, Rhode Island

I'd want to create a summer camp for kids who have a hard time learning during the school year. The camp would give them new and fun ways to build their learning skills and get them excited for the upcoming school year.
–Emerson, age 11, Minnesota

If I could create an awesome summer camp, it would be a volleyball camp. We could play volleyball on a court, in the sand, or while swimming with friends. We could learn from one another and become better players.
–Grace, age 13, Colorado

My awesome camp would be a cross between an art camp and a horseback-riding camp. In the mornings there would be horseback-riding classes, and in the afternoons campers would create artwork, such as watercolor paintings of nature scenes. It would be a great week.
–Ericka, age 12, California

My dream summer camp would be all about butterflies. I'd love to learn more about them. The campers would raise butterflies and hear from butterfly experts. At the end of camp, the butterflies would be set free.
–Sophia, age 10, Colorado

I wish I could go to a skiing camp in the middle of summer. We would go to the other side of the world to go skiing. During the summer, I'm always wishing to be on the slopes. With this camp, I could have winter right in the middle of summer.
–Lia, age 11, Vermont

I'd create a French-themed summer camp. We would eat croissants and drink coffee drinks. We'd also take French classes and learn ballet moves. It would be so cool!
–Lydia, age 10, North Carolina

I would love to start a treehouse-themed camp. All of the kids would sleep in cabins in trees, and there would be wooden bridges to connect them. We'd observe birds and watch baby birds hatch, too.
–Zoe, age 9, Missouri

I'd start a babysitting summer camp to teach campers who aren't old enough to babysit how to care for younger kids. That way, when they are old enough to babysit, they'll be ready.
–Alyssa, age 11, Arkansas

I would create a camp for kids who have food allergies. My brother is severely allergic to peanuts, and I think it would be nice if he could go to a camp where he could meet other kids who are just like him.
–Niah, age 9, Arizona

I'd love for kids to be marine biologists for a week at camp. Kids could scuba dive, study marine life, conduct experiments, and ride in a submarine. It would help us stay cool in hot weather, too!
–Leah, age 10, North Carolina

I'd call my camp "Literature Lake," and it would be all about reading and writing. There would be a huge library where kids could read whenever they liked. There'd also be writing stations all over camp. Some activities would include a scavenger hunt in the library, storytelling around a campfire, and poetry writing. There would even be meet and greets with famous authors. It would be the best camp ever.
–Sarah, age 12, North Carolina

Past You Said It!