Past You Said It!

Future You

Eleven-year-old Regina asked this question: "Close your eyes and picture your life in 20 years—what do you see?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

When I picture my life in 20 years, I imagine myself taking photos of tropical plants and animals in a rain forest. I'd donate some of my profits to saving the rain forests, too.
–Kristi, age 10, California

My friends say that planning and decorating are my best talents, so in 20 years, I think I'd make a great wedding planner or interior decorator.
–Roxanne, age 12, California

I see myself at an aquarium, throwing a fish to a dolphin. I hope to be a dolphin trainer!
–Zoe, age 8, Pennsylvania

In 20 years, I'll be writing children's books and drinking lots of coffee. I love to write!
–Sydney, age 11, Virginia

I imagine myself as a paleontologist, digging up dinosaur bones and making amazing discoveries.
–Maddy, age 12, Wisconsin

I love swimming, and I've been on a swim team since I was eight. It's my dream to be a professional swimmer.
–Paige, age 11, Washington

In the future, I'll live in a house on a ski hill—that way, I'll be able to go skiing whenever I want! I would own a ski equipment shop, too.
–Matti, age 12, Michigan

I'll be riding along a beach in California on one of my many horses. I'll have my own stables, and I'll rescue horses in need, too. Owning a horse farm has always been my dream.
–RyRy, age 11, California

I picture myself at a dance recital, cheering on my students as they show off the moves I've taught them.
–Alison, age 11, Maine

Caring for my family is what I picture myself doing in 20 years. In my mind, I see myself making meals and helping my kids with their homework. My life would be filled with lots of love.
–Kenzi, age 11, Kentucky

I can see myself as a middle-school teacher who loves her job. I would teach my students in new, fun ways. In class my students would do hands-on projects instead of having to sit and take tests all day.
–Lindsay, age 12, Arizona

I would like to expand my jewelry business. Right now, I just make jewelry in my bedroom, but maybe in 20 years, I'll have a store with a factory, and I'll be a famous jewelry designer.
–Ronit, age 11, Ohio

I enjoy performing and writing, so in 20 years, I can picture myself writing the scripts for a TV show—and being the star, too!
–Emily, age 11, California

In 20 years, I want to own a bakery where kids can make their own cookies or cupcakes, decorate them, and eat them! It would be so much fun!
–Kiana, age 12, Canada

I'd love to be a historian at Colonial Williamsburg. It would be fun to dress up as someone from the 1700s.
–Bryley, age 11, New York

Twenty years from now, I imagine myself living in Maine by the ocean, taking in a beautiful view of the blue water and feeling a crisp breeze.
–Elizabeth, age 11, Missouri

I see myself doing my dream job—working at American Girl! I'd love to write the stories or design the dolls. I love AG!
–Maycee, age 11, Utah

Past You Said It!