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Food Memories

Ten-year-old Monica asked this question: "Is there a food that reminds you of a special place? Share a food and the place you think of whenever you eat it."

These girls shared their thoughts:

When I eat croissants, I remember my trip to France. At our hotel, a woman would bring a basketful of pastries to my family, and I would always reach for the croissants. Then I would spread dark, rich chocolate on them, and they melted in my mouth. I'll never forget this food memory!
–Sophie, age 9, Massachusetts

Eating cheesecake reminds me of the time my mom took me out for a special "girls' day." It wasn't that long after my little sister was born, and it was wonderful to spend time together, just Mom and me.
–Desi, age 13, Idaho

Cherries make me think of the week my family spent at a cherry orchard in California. All week, we picked, ate, sorted, sold, and froze more cherries than I could count.
–Mckenna, age 11, California

Gingerbread makes me think of my friend Katerina. She moved away a few years ago, right after Christmas. Before she left, we made a gingerbread house together. Now every time I see a gingerbread house or eat gingerbread cookies, I think of Katerina and the awesome house we made.
–Allison, age 12, Kansas

S'mores remind me of being at camp. We roasted marshmallows all the time, and they were so yummy. The memories I made at summer camp will always stay with me.
–Kiley, age 10, Illinois

When I was 9, my baby brother had to have a surgery. We were waiting at the hospital, and I was so scared. Then a nice woman gave me a homemade chocolate-chip cookie. At exactly the same time that I bit into it, a nurse came out and told us my brother was OK. Now, whenever I have a chocolate-chip cookie, I think of that day.
–Brittany, age 12, New Hampshire

I live on a farm, and we have a huge garden. Whenever I eat our vegetables, it reminds me of how much work I did in our garden, and it makes me proud.
–Claudia, age 11, Wisconsin

Whenever I eat carrots, I think about my dog, Blondie. Why? I was eating carrots when my mom announced we were getting a dog!
–Sophia, age 10, Colorado

Eating homemade ice cream reminds me of being at my grandma's house, which is special because I don't get to see my grandma as often as I'd like to. When my family visits in the summer, we always make ice cream out on her patio.
–Ashlee, age 12, Florida

Whenever I eat crabs, it reminds me of the trips that my family takes to Maryland. Every time we go there, we go to a restaurant on a dock. After dinner, we all go down to the water and feed the ducks. It's always an awesome time.
–Katie, age 11, New Jersey

When I eat popcorn, it reminds me of my school's carnival—my friend and I spent almost the whole day on the Ferris wheel!
–Bella, age 12, California

A fish dinner always reminds me of my family's yearly fishing trip in Canada. On our last night, we have a big fish fry.
–Emma, age 11, Ohio

Peanuts always remind me of being on airplanes. I love flying, so whenever I eat them, I remember all the fun times I've had traveling.
–An American Girl fan, age 9, California

Sweetened rice with lingonberries brings back memories for me. I have family in Sweden, and that's what we ate for dessert when we visited. Every time I eat this food, I'm reminded of my family, even though they live thousands of miles from where I live.
–Erika, age 12, Louisiana

Past You Said It!