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Living in the Moment

Nine-year-old Finley asked this question: "If you got the chance to travel back in time to relive your favorite moment, which moment would you choose and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I would relive the time I did a perfect back handspring. I felt so good, and my best friend in gymnastics, Kendra, clapped really loudly and gave me a big thumbs-up.
–Stephanie, age 11, California

I would travel back in time to the camp I went to last summer. I made great friends and good memories!
–Gianna, age 11, Wisconsin

I would relive a moment a few years back when I was at my grandparents' house before they passed away. We were eating strawberry shortcake and laughing and talking together. I would love to relive that moment.
–Rachel, age 12, Washington

I would go back to my favorite school field trip. We spent three days on an island—an active volcano!
–Ashlyn, age 10, Hawaii

I would relive the time I went on an 80-mile-per hour roller coaster last year. It was awesome!
–McKenna, age 10, Utah

I'd go back to the year 2007, when I was in first grade. That is when the picture-perfect moments took place in my friendships with two of my friends. We have grown apart lately, and it would be heart-lifting to go back to when we were together.
–Marie, age 12, South Carolina

I would relive the first year that my Girl Scout troop sang Christmas carols at a nursing home. After we finished, our whole troop went to sing to the people at the nursing home who couldn't come to our performance. We wanted to wish them happy holidays. One lady was so touched that she started crying. I want to relive that moment because I felt so good afterward.
–Veronica, age 11, Missouri

If I could travel back to my favorite moment, I would go back to when I won first place for my first solo in a dance competition. I felt so good because I was on the younger side of my age division!
–Ally, age 12, Missouri

I would choose to see my friend's dance recital again. She was amazing as she danced her part, and the entire dance was beautiful. Some of my other friends were in the show, too.
–Laura, age 13, California

I would choose the first time I ever saw my new dogs. They were running around a sandy pen, jumping up on us and licking our fingers.
–Rhea, age 11, Michigan

I would go back in time to when I learned how to swim. There's no better feeling than the way you feel when you learn to do something new.
–Emma, age 9, Alabama

I would relive the moment that I met my best friend, because then I could remember the first thing I ever said to her. I would also know what great years we'd have together.
–Grace, age 11, Texas

I would choose to go back to a secret beach that my family found while we were in Portugal. We had to go through a cave to get there. It was awesome!
–Anne, age 14, Spain

I would go back to the time I finally made it over the high-jump bar! I was so happy that I accomplished my goal. Now I'm jumping over 4 feet 6 inches. I'm glad that I didn't give up.
–Nicole, age 12, Wisconsin

I would go back in time to the day two years ago when I first got to hold my new little sister. I think that it was my favorite moment ever because I love Allison very much.
–Clara, age 9, Florida

I would choose the moment that I got my all-time high score in a basketball game—17 points! It was so awesome, and it felt really good to have worked together with my team to pull off that win.
–Maria, age 12, Missouri

I would choose to relive the first time I read my favorite book. I reread it all the time, but it would be nice to not know what is going to happen next.
–Chloe, age 11, Arizona

I would definitely relive the moment when my dad taught me how to drive a golf cart. I had so much fun learning, and I want memorable moments like that one to be in my heart and mind forever.
–Corinne, age 12, Okinawa

I wouldn't relive anything. I try to live my life in the moment, and when a fun moment passes, I accept it and move on. But I might relive a moment in my dreams!
–Claudia, age 11, Massachusetts

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