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Ten-year-old Raleigh asked this question: "If you were to discover a new dinosaur, what would you name it and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I'd name my dino Elisaurus, after my little brother, Eli. He makes lots of noise, just like a dinosaur!
–Tawny, age 11, Texas

If I discovered a dinosaur, I would definitely name it after my cat, Rocky. I would name it Rockiraptor.
–Meredith, age 9, Ohio

I would name my dinosaur P. rex. It would be related to the T. rex, but the P. rex would eat plants.
–Morgan, age 8, Arizona

Reading is my favorite subject in school—I can't get my hands on enough books! I would name my dinosaur Read-o-Roar, after my favorite hobby.
–Evellyn, age 12, Ohio

I'd name my dino Jersey. Why? Because I moved from New Jersey a few years ago, and naming the dinosaur Jersey would honor my home state and remind me of my friends who live there.
–Hannah, age 10, New York

I would name the dinosaur Phillip. It sounds like a normal name, but it's funny to imagine someone seeing the dinosaur in a museum and saying, "Look, there's a Phillip!"
–Audrey, age 13, Florida

I'd call the dinosaur Uniqueasaurus. If it took this long to discover it, I bet it would be a pretty one-of-a-kind dino, and the name would be fun to say, too.
–Shannon, age 11, Illinois

Since playing soccer is the thing I like to do the most, I'd call my dinosaur Soccerdactyl.
–Julie, age 10, Michigan

I would name my new dinosaur Megansaurus. My best friend is named Megan, and she's a mega-awesome friend!
–Kaylee, age 11, Ohio

I would name my dinosaur "Yikes!" because that would be the first thing I'd say if I discovered it.
–Elizabeth, age 13, New Jersey

My dinosaur would be named Daphnesaurus—it would be super-cool to have a dinosaur named after me!
–Daphne, age 11, New Jersey

If I found a new dinosaur, I would call it a Miasabace. That's a combination of my name with the names of my two best friends, Mia and Sabrina.
–Grace, age 9, Texas

I would name my dino something cute, like Wiggles. If dinosaurs had cute names, maybe people wouldn't be as afraid of them.
–Caroline, age 10, Tennessee

If I discovered a new dinosaur, I would call it the Miracolo dinosaur. The word miracolo means "miracle" in my native language, Italian, and finding a dinosaur would be a miracle!
–Abri, age 13, New York

Past You Said It!