Past You Said It!

Fill in the Blank

Ten-year-old Karen asked this question: "Pretend that there's a blank canvas in front of you. What would you paint on it and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I'd paint a pretty nature scene. My painting would remind me of the time I went to an overnight school trip in the woods. I live in a big city, and the picture would remind me of the fun time I spent in the outdoors.
–Allison, age 10, Nevada

I would paint a picture of me surfing a giant wave in Hawaii. Surfing relaxes me, and looking at a painting of me surfing would make me feel peaceful.
–Kristina, age 13, Massachusetts

I would paint something abstract, with lots of bright colors! That painting would definitely represent my personality.
–Claudia, age 11, Massachusetts

I'd paint my dog. He is the sweetest dog in the whole world. Even on a "bummer" day, one look at his adorable doggie smile makes my whole week.
–Amy, age 12, California

I would paint my amazing family. I have an adopted cousin and two adopted brothers, plus my aunt just had a baby. My family is unique, and in a painting, I could represent how much we love one another.
–Sarah, age 11, Maryland

I'd paint the world as I see it. I'm color-blind, and some people make fun of my drawings because they're the "wrong" colors, but to me, they're the right colors.
–Charlotte, age 12, Ohio

My painting would be of my best friend. She moved to Israel, and I haven't seen her in an entire year! Painting a picture of her would make me happy.
–Tessa, age 10, Florida

I would paint butterflies—thousands and thousands of butterflies, flying across the canvas. Butterflies inspire me because they float with the wind and stand out with their beautiful, colorful patterns.
–Cierra, age 12, Michigan

On a blank canvas, I'd paint my future self on a Broadway stage. I dream of being on Broadway someday, and painting that scene would motivate me to reach my goal.
–Katie, age 13, Illinois

I would draw my backyard because it's really pretty. My yard has a Japanese plum tree, lots of flowers, and a bamboo tree, too.
–Clarissa, age 8, California

I'd paint a big, rainbow-colored musical note. I love music—it makes me feel fluttery inside. Having a painting like that on my wall would reveal who I am inside.
–Elise, age 12, Massachusetts

On my canvas, I'd paint a line down the center. On one side, I would paint yellow stars and the moon, and on the other side, I'd paint the sun in a bright blue sky. My painting would represent the idea that both day and night are equally beautiful.
–Natasha, age 10, New York

I'd paint a picture of a coral reef deep under the sea. When I went to Mexico, I got to go scuba diving, and I saw a coral reef filled with amazing creatures. I'd love to capture that memory on a canvas.
–Tiana, age 11, Quebec

I would paint my house on a blank canvas. When I feel nervous at sleep-away camp, I could look at the painting and think about all of my memories of home.
–Emma, age 13, New York

I would paint a picture of my three closest friends, Brooke, Rachel, and Vivian. My best friends always make me laugh. Seeing a painting of them would make me smile over the summer, when I can't see them as much.
–Emilee, age 9, Maryland

Some mornings, I enjoy relaxing in a hammock, watching the sky. It's a scene that I wish I could bottle up and gaze at every day. I would paint the brilliant blue sky, the fluffy white clouds that roll in like bunches of cotton, and the early morning sun that peeks out from behind the magnolia trees to greet me.
–Marion, age 13, Mississippi

Past You Said It!