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Ten-year-old Anna Rose asked this question: "If someone were to write an article about you in American Girl magazine, what do you think it would it be about and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

My article would be about how brave I've had to be lately. I've been in the emergency room twice in the past month, and finally, after lots of tests, the doctor figured out what was wrong. It took lots of courage to face that difficult challenge, but now I'm better. It was worth the needles and medicine to feel good again.
–Brooke, age 10, Texas

I think the article would be about my move from Massachusetts to Ireland. It's one of the hardest things I've ever done, and I think it would be an interesting story to share with readers.
–Niamh, age 11, Ireland

I'm a creative girl, so if someone were to write an article about me, it would probably say that I've taught a handwriting class, directed a play, and created a craft studio with my sister.
–Emmy, age 13, North Carolina

My friend Sydney and I started a business in which we sell crafts to earn money for dog toys and treats. Then we bring the goodies to our local shelter. The article could inspire other girls to help animals in need.
–Meagan, age 11, California

I'm home-schooled, so I'd like for the article to focus on that. Sometimes people think it's strange or different for a kid to be home-schooled, so my article would show readers that I'm just like other girls except that I learn in a different way.
–Tina, age 13, Florida

If a story about me were to appear in American Girl magazine, it would be about how I love to run 5k races (that's 3.1 miles). The last time I ran a race, I received first place in my age group!
–Amanda, age 11, North Carolina

I broke my wrist and wasn't able to play softball anymore. I was so sad, but I still wanted to show support for my team. Even though I wasn't out on the field with them, I cheered them on from the stands. I think that would be a good article.
–Georgia, age 10, Nevada

I would be honored if someone wrote an article about me! It would be about my love for writing. In the article, I'd probably share some writing tips and explain why I want to be an author when I grow up.
–Libby, age 9, Missouri

Someone would write about the time I found a little girl's lost dog. When my mom and I gave the little girl her dog back, it felt great to see her face light up.
–Amanda, age 11, California

I sang in a concert to raise money for autism research, so I think that might make a good article for the magazine. I really enjoy singing, and my heart was in it because my brother has autism.
–Kayla, age 10, Massachusetts

I would love someone to write an article about my ability to play five sports—ice- skating, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and golf. It would be so generous for someone to write an article about me.
–Caitlin, age 12, Wisconsin

I think the article would be about my trips around the world. I've had a great time traveling and learning about cool cultures.
–Kelly, age 11, California

My dad is in the military, and my article would be about him serving in another country for three years. It would talk about my journey through that hard time; I got through it―and if I did, so can other girls.
–Breanna, age 13, Mississippi

If someone were to write an article about me, it would be about how I'm a part of my school's news crew. I help with the morning announcements and share each day's lunch menu on camera. It's so much fun!
–Nadia, age 11, Florida

I'm not a movie star. I'm not a professional ballerina. I've never traveled internationally. I don't hold a world record. I don't really have an amazing story to share. But I think that the article would be about my life in a family of eight. It would talk about my small town, my friends, and the simple things we enjoy doing. It would just be about daily life, something all girls can relate to.
–Monica, age 10, California

Past You Said It!