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Girl Power

Eleven-year-old Saloni asked this question: "If you could have any magical power, which one would you like to have and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

If I could have any magical power, it would be to become invisible. I think it would be awesome to be able to sink into a corner with a good book without anyone bothering me.
–Caroline, age 11, North Carolina

I would want to have the power to know what's wrong with babies when they cry. Whenever I babysit, I could keep the babies happy.
–Naomi, age 12, Minnesota

I would use my powers to help all lost dogs find their owners. I'd be sad if my dog were lost, so I'd want to help others find their dogs.
–Annika, age 11, Virginia

I would like to be able to read people's minds. It would be fun to find out what a person is thinking—especially if it's about birthday presents for me!
–Natalie, age 9, Ohio

If I could have any magical power, mine would be to teleport. My family and I move a lot, so it would be awesome to teleport and see my friends from all over the United States.
–Emily, age 12, Tennessee

My magical power would be to jump super high. If a cat were stuck in a tree, I could jump up and save her quickly. I would become a jump-rope champion. I would even be able to jump up and touch the clouds.
–Dominique, age 13, Virginia

I'd like to have the magical power to find anything I've lost. I'm constantly losing things, so the power to retrieve all of those lost items would be a lifesaver for me.
–Olivia, age 11, Arkansas

Extreme speed would be my magical power. At school, I'd run super-fast laps, and it would help when I play soccer, too. If someone needed help, I'd be there in flash. I'd be the fastest superhero on the planet!
–Annie, age 9, California

I would love to fly. Whenever I see birds, I always feel jealous of them. I think it would be great to fly because I could see the world from up high.
–Grace, age 10, Pennsylvania

I want to have the power to freeze time. If I were to forget my homework at my house, I could stop the clock for a few minutes to go get it.
–Monica, age 11, Massachusetts

I would like to have the power to be a peacemaker. No one likes it when people can't get along. My magical power would be to help people work out their differences.
–Elena, age 13, South Africa

My power would be to trade places with people. One of my best friends has diabetes, and I wish I could experience how she feels every day. I know that she would love a day when she wouldn't have to worry about everything she eats.
–Allison, age 12, Kansas

I would like to have the power to be in three places at once. I'm a busy girl, and sometimes I have to be at a party, in my room cleaning, and at a dance competition at the same time. It would be nice to do all those things at the same time.
–Jillian, age 11, Ohio

I would want the power to talk to animals. I have an eight-month-old puppy, and sometimes she doesn't do the things we want her to do. I think it would help my family a lot if I could communicate with her.
–Julia, age 9, Massachusetts

Having magic powers would be cool, but I don't need them. With or without magic, every girl is special! That itself is true magic.
–Abigail, age 10, North Carolina

Past You Said It!