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World Travelers

The editors at American Girl asked this question: "If you could go on vacation to any place in the world, where would you go and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I would go to Italy because my dad is Italian and I want to learn about the culture and my ancestry. Plus, the food would be really tasty!
–Dillon, age 12, Massachusetts

If I could go anywhere in the world, I'd go to Australia. I would go snorkeling and hold cuddly koalas.
–Adrianna, age 9, New York

My friends and I love anything to do with Paris, so if we got the chance, we'd go on a trip to Paris together. We'd visit the Eiffel Tower, eat delicious pastries, and go to beautiful shops.
–Mayme, age 13, Minnesota

If I could travel to any place in the world for a vacation, I'd go to England. I would try to make a Buckingham Palace guard smile, and I could watch some of my favorite soccer teams play.
–Megan, age 12, California

I would go to Tahiti. I love to swim, so a tropical island would be perfect for me.
–Elizabeth, age 12, Virginia

Since I've never been to Hawaii, I'd choose to go there for a vacation. I would surf, see cool wildlife, see coral reefs, and hike up volcanoes. It would be an amazing place to explore.
–Alexa, age 9, Alabama

I would go to Athens, Greece, because I would love to see the architecture and eat authentic Greek food.
–Erin, age 12, Tennessee

Even though I don't like cold weather very much, I would go to Antarctica. I'm an animal lover, so I'd like to see all of the penguins and other animals.
–Bella, age 10, Massachusetts

I dream of visiting a hotel made of ice in—where else?—Iceland! The walls, floors, ceilings, and chairs are made out of thousands of tons of ice. I would really have to bundle up to visit this hotel, but it would be worth it!
–Mari, age 12, Alabama

I would go to Scotland because I've heard that it's one of the most beautiful places in the world. Rolling hills, blue skies—that's where I'd like to go.
–Katherine, age 13, Massachusetts

I'd go to the United States. I moved to Japan three years ago, and I really miss my cousins and friends in the States. I'd bring my best friend from Japan with me, and it would be so much fun.
–Hana, age 12, Japan

I really want to go to New York. Even though it's not a very exotic place, it has amazing things, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Times Square.
–Sophie, age 11, California

I would travel to India―that's where I was born. I would spend time with my grandparents who live there, and I'd eat lots of curry-flavored foods. Yum!
–Vondanai, age 12, Minnesota

If I could go to any place in the world, I would just walk across the block to the beach. I love where I live—it's the perfect place for me!
–Katie, age 11, New Jersey

Past You Said It!