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These questions are from the editors at American Girl: "How did you welcome a new brother or sister into your family? How did you get ready for a new baby, and how did you bond with him or her? If your family adopted a sibling, how did you prepare for the big day and celebrate when he or she arrived? What are some ways you blended stepsiblings into your family?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

My stepsister was three when she joined our family. I love to bake, so to welcome her to our house, I made a batch of chocolate cupcakes, complete with pink icing and glittery sprinkles. She loved them! It has been a couple of years since then, and we're a lot closer now.
–Anastasia, age 10, New York

Last year, my mom had twins. When I found out that she was expecting not one but two babies, I was really excited, but I also knew life was about to change a lot. To prepare, I made sure to spend plenty of quality time with my mom, and when my two sisters were born, I learned how to help take care of them. I was a little afraid that I would be forgotten about when the babies came, but my mom and I still do fun things together, such as going shopping or getting manicures together.
–Angel, age 12, Ohio

I have an older stepbrother. He's 31, and he's so fun to hang out with. When he joined our family, I was only six years old, and I was nervous that we wouldn't get along. But then I made it a goal to talk to him and learn about his interests. He makes our family even more awesome!
–Allie, age 11, Arizona

I love to sew gifts for people, so when I found out a new baby would be joining our family, I made her pajamas, a tutu, and even a baby-sized purse.
–Carly, age 10, Washington

I'm the oldest of seven kids. My baby brother Luke was born just a few months ago. I loved him from the moment I first saw him, and he and I bonded right away. I love to hold him while we listen to music together. He's so cute!
–Brenna, age 12, Illinois

I have an adopted sister, and at first, I thought we were nothing alike. Then as we got to know each other better, we discovered we had a lot in common, such as playing softball and writing stories. We get along great now.
–Xochitl, age 9, Washington

When I was six, my mom and dad adopted a little boy from Africa. I was so excited to be a big sis. When we brought him to our house, the whole family came over to celebrate. I helped him adjust to life in our family, and now I can't imagine our family without my little brother.
–An American Girl fan, age 12, Missouri

I couldn't wait to welcome my little sister home. I have a big sister, and I've always looked up to her and counted on her for good advice. Now it was my turn to be the role model. Each year on my birthday, I write a letter that shares a bit of wisdom with my little sister, and she'll open the letter on her corresponding birthday. It's a nice tradition that I can have with her.
–Trina, age 11, Arizona

I have a 13-year-old stepsister. Our favorite thing to do together is to go to concerts to see our favorite band. I always feel like I can be myself with her.
–Alexis, age 10, England

I'm an only child, but when my family hosted an exchange student for a year, it was just like having a new sister in our family. I wanted her to feel comfortable and welcome in our family, so I talked to her often, did fun things with her, and we became as close as sisters. When she left, I was sad, but we still talk all the time.
–Maisy, age 12, Louisiana

I have three little sisters, and I love them all. Since there are four girls running around the house, I'm guessing that it can get a bit stressful for my mom, so I make sure I help out with extra chores. I enjoy making up games to play with my little sisters, because they think that since I'm the big sis, whatever I come up with rocks.
–Bethany, age 10, Alabama

Past You Said It!