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Field Trip Fun

Thirteen-year-old Katherine asked this question: "If you could plan a dream field trip for your class, which destination would you choose and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

It would be a dream to go on a field trip to Paris. There would be so many sights to see. One of the highlights would be to take a French cooking class and learn how to make crpes. I've never been to Paris, and I'd love to go with my class.
–Marie, age 12, Louisiana

I would take my class to a chocolate factory. We would learn how chocolate is made, and at the end of the tour, we'd get to taste-test treats. Then we'd stock up on chocolate at the gift shop.
–Jordyn, age 13, Utah

If it were possible, I'd definitely travel to the moon with my classmates. In our science class, we're learning about the moon, and our teacher always jokes about going to the moon. If we could actually voyage there, everyone would be so excited!
–Allison, age 12, Wisconsin

I'd like to travel to the Dominican Republic with my Spanish class. We'd try out some of our Spanish, we would explore beautiful natural areas, and create drawings for art class, too.
–Jade, age 9, Wisconsin

If I could plan a dream field trip for my home-school co-op, I'd choose a trip to a horseback-riding camp. We'd learn all about horses, such as how to ride and care for them, and it would be so much fun.
–Brenna, age 12, Illinois

I'd love to invite my former classmates to visit India. My family and I are currently living in India, and I think the culture here is really cool. I'd love to show my old friends what India is like. We'd eat Indian food, go shopping and try on silk saris, and visit the Taj Mahal. We would have a great time while we learn about Indian culture and history.
–Aishwarya, age 11, India

I would want to go to a movie set with my class so that we could see how a movie is made. We'd see all of the behind-the-scenes action, and we'd even meet the actors. My class would have loads of fun, and we'd learn things, too.
–Makela, age 9, California

I live in Hawaii, so my dream field trip would be one I've surprisingly never been on with my class. We'd go to the beach! It would be so awesome to play volleyball, swim, and surf with my classmates.
–Emily, age 13, Hawaii

My dream field trip would be to visit Louisa May Alcott's house. I love Little Women, and her books have inspired me to become a writer one day. During the field trip, my classmates and I would learn about her life and what she did for fun at my age. We'd write stories based on her style of writing, too.
–Emma, age 12, Massachusetts

A lot of people in my class love learning about history, so I'd plan a dream field trip to Washington, D.C. We'd visit all of the famous memorials and monuments, the Supreme Court, and many museums. And of course, we'd go to the White House. With some luck, maybe we would meet the president!
–Amla, age 11, California

I think it would be fun to plan an environmental studies field trip to "the land of 10,000 lakes"—Minnesota. My class and I would learn all about the wildlife there and study the ecology of the lakes.
–Madison, age 12, Kansas

I don't need to come up with a dream field trip. Why? Because this year, my marching band is going to St. Louis to be in a parade! I'm so excited to be in a real parade and to do all of the fun activities our band instructor has planned. It's going to be awesome.
–Brae, age 13, Michigan

Past You Said It!