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Cloudy to Sunny

Twelve-year-old Emma asked this question: "Have you ever had a bad day that turned into a good one? If so, what was the thing that made it better?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

My two best friends promised to come watch my dance competition, but they bailed a few days before. I was really sad. Then, right before I went backstage, I heard someone call my name. My friends had come after all! They wanted to surprise me. I won first place for my solo performance, too.
–Haylee, age 13, Arizona

One time, I woke up grumpy and ended up having a bad day. That afternoon, my mom and dad told my siblings and me to get in the car. They wound up going to our local animal shelter! We picked out two little kittens, and it became a wonderful day.
–Claire, age 10, Kentucky

I was very tired one morning, and I was not looking forward to a full day of school and yoga class, too. But then I went to my science class and found out I had gotten an A on my quiz. After that, I went to social studies, language arts, and math—all A's on assignments and tests there, too! Those good grades made me happy for the rest of the day.
–Maggy, age 13, Iowa

My costume for my recital arrived late, and when I tried it on, it was way too big. I was upset because the recital was the next day. Later, I put on the costume again to see if there was anything I could do, and it fit perfectly. My mom had altered it so that it could be my size! I was ecstatic.
–Jolie, age 11, Illinois

I had studied and studied and studied for a test, but I still ended up with a bad grade. I came home from school feeling yucky. So my dad went to the store and bought me a big bouquet of roses and gave me a big hug. I felt so loved.
–An American Girl fan, age 12, Iowa

When I was seven, I jumped off the swing set and broke my arm. I went to the hospital, and needless to say, I was in a lot of pain. Then my best friends, Noella and Mireille, came to the hospital with gifts. They made me really happy.
–Cassidy, age 10, Michigan

One night, I had tons of homework and was exhausted. But then my dad told me that he had gotten tickets for me to go see my favorite singer in concert! I went from being stressed to happy in one minute flat.
–An American Girl fan, age 9, South Carolina

I totally forgot to create a hairstyle for "crazy hair" day at school. I was bummed because I wanted to win the prize. So my friends helped me by putting a bunch of wacky, fun twists in my hair. I didn't win the prize, but my friends made me feel like a winner that day.
–Sasha, age 13, Nevada

My family and I weren't getting along, and we were having a horrible day. Then I had an idea. I jumped up and said to my sister, "Let's put on a funny skit!" We did, and everyone ended up laughing and having a great time. It made the day a lot better.
–Amaris, age 11, New York

I was having a fight with one of my friends—we were both getting really steamed. My other friend saw us fighting, so she came over and starting making jokes and funny faces. We all started to laugh, and my friend and I apologized to each other.
–Rossy, age 10, Michigan

I was having a terrible day because it was my birthday and no one seemed to notice, not even my family. After school, I walked into my house and thought it was empty. But then I walked into the kitchen and saw a hundred balloons and my friends and family, too. It was a great surprise!
–Lacey, age 13, Hawaii

I was nervous about getting braces. I was sure that everyone would make fun of me. When I saw that I could get rubber bands in my favorite color, I felt a little better. The next day when I went to school, everyone had nice things to say, such as, "You look great!" or "Love the color!" A bad day definitely turned into a good one.
–Frances, age 9, Florida

It was Friday the 13th, and I had forgotten to do my homework. It was unlucky day for other kids in my class, too, because a lot of them had also forgotten to do their homework. My teacher decided that we could turn in the assignment on Monday. Ever since then, Friday the 13th has been a lucky day for me, and I learned an important lesson—always finish your homework on time because days like this don't come around very often!
–Violet, age 11, Nebraska

Past You Said It!