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Lucky You!

Eleven-year-old Meredith asked this question: "What is your lucky number and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

My lucky number is five. I'm twice the age of five, I'm in fifth grade, I have five favorite sports (gymnastics, dance, soccer, basketball, and volleyball), and I have five favorite foods (toast, hamburgers, pizza, strawberries, and spinach).
–Julie, age 10, New York

My lucky number is two because I have two dogs, two cats, two sisters, and two loving parents!
–Maryam, age 12, California

My lucky numbers are six and 11, because when I was six, I met my best friend, and when I turned 11, I met my other best friend.
–Mary, age 11, Maryland

When I was little and held hands with my parents or grandparents, I'd squeeze their hands three times to say, "I love you." They would squeeze back four times to say, "I love you, too." Four is my lucky number.
–Ashley, age 12, Massachusetts

Even though the number 13 is called the "unlucky" number, it's my lucky number. I believe that a person shouldn't judge a book by its cover, so I think of 13 as a lucky number in disguise. Give 13 a chance!
–Mia, age 12, California

My lucky number is 19 because I've been in 19 ballet recitals!
–McKenna, age 10, Utah

I think that there's no time like the present, so my current age, 12, is my lucky number!
–Malia, age 12, California

My lucky number is three because when I was little, I had three surgeries to fix my heart. I am one lucky girl.
–Madeline, age 13, Maryland

My lucky number is 26, because it's the day that my little brother was born. He was born a few weeks early, and he is perfectly amazing, which is even luckier. I love my brother very much.
–Abbey, age 12, Texas

My lucky number is three. Why? Because I'm the third child born in my family, my student number is three, and I have three best friends. Three is awesome!
–Emily, age 10, California

My locker number is 122, my locker combination has a 12 in it, my class number is 5212, and I'm 12 years old. Twelve is definitely my lucky number.
–Macey, age 12, New York

My volleyball number is four. When I wear my jersey, I feel lucky. Before this year, I had never played volleyball, but I had great teammates who encouraged me. I hope to get the number-four again next year.
–Kellie, age 13, New Jersey

Two is my lucky number. I was two years old when I got my kitten, and she's two years younger than I am. And when she was a stray cat, she was found on 2nd Street. I love my kitty!
–Sierra, age 12, California

Eleven is my lucky number because I was born at 11:11 a.m.
–Callie, age 10, New Hampshire

My dad's football number in high school was 23. That's my lucky number because I love football!
–Maggie, age 12, Illinois

Actually, I don't believe in lucky numbers. I think that all numbers have the same value. Having a lucky number wouldn't be fair to all of the other numbers!
–Grace, age 12, Oregon

Past You Said It!