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This question is from 12-year-old Jolie: "If you could design your own T-shirt, what would it look like? What design would it have? Would it have words on it? Share your idea for your dream T-shirt."

These girls shared their thoughts:

My T-shirt would be blue with leopard print, and I'd wear a white tank top underneath it so that it could hang down off my shoulder.
–GG, age 10, Canada

My dream T-shirt would be a green and blue tie-dyed shirt I made myself. I know that sounds simple, but I've always wanted to try tie-dyeing.
–Maria, age 12, Texas

My dream T-shirt would be pink and have ballet slippers on the back. On the front, it would have pictures of ballet dancers. I'm a dancer, and I would wear that shirt all the time.
–Annie, age 11, Maryland

I have a parrot, so my dream shirt would have a picture of my parrot on it.
–Michala, age 13, Indiana

My dream T-shirt would be light purple. It would have a picture of a horse and rider doing barrel racing. The horse and rider would be black. The words would read, "Turning and Burning!" I love barrel racing, so this would be the perfect shirt for me.
–Mary Beth, age 12, Texas

My T-shirt would read, "Save the Animals! Don't Litter" and have a picture of a happy sea creature. I care about animals a lot, and I want to raise awareness that litter can trap animals.
–Nadia, age 9, Massachusetts

My T-shirt would be covered with glitter and rhinestones. The rhinestones would spell my name. It would be a really girly shirt!
–Ainsley, age 10, Wisconsin

I would have a neon green shirt with hot-pink polka dots.
–Mary Helen, age 9, Georgia

My T-shirt would be pink and show wild animals chasing each other around the waist.
–Anabelle, age 8, Pennsylvania

I would design a teal T-shirt that would say BE YOURSELF in big letters. Maybe it would have a peace sign in the corner, too. I would choose this because I want people to remember that being yourself isn't a bad thing.
–Allie, age 11, Arizona

My T-shirt would be all about soccer. In the middle of the shirt would be a soccer ball and the word "Score!" Maybe it could also have a famous soccer player kicking the ball into the goal.
–Sofia, age 8, Connecticut

I love to dance, so my T-shirt would show ballet shoes with real ribbons attached.
–An American Girl fan, age 13, Maryland

I would have a T-shirt with a group of kittens and puppies on it, all dressed up in little suits and dresses!
–An American Girl fan, age 8, England

Sparkles, sparkles, sparkles! That's pretty much all I would want on my dream shirt.
–Marilla, age 11, Tennessee

I love dogs and music. So on my shirt, I would put a dog listening to music. I would like glitter on it, too.
–Claire, age 6, Illinois

My shirt would have a dragon on it, because I am really into dragons and other mythical beasts.
–Kaikeyi, age 11, Indiana

I would design a green shirt with straps that cross in the back to go over a sheer pink long-sleeved undershirt. It would remind me of a watermelon. Watermelons are my favorite fruits.
–Lanie, age 11, Tennessee

Past You Said It!