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Reality Check

Reality Check
Ten-year-old Daniela asked this question: "If you got the chance to create your own reality show, what would you call it and what would it be about?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

If I got the chance to create my own reality show, I'd call it A Day in the Life of Skemily. "Skemily" is my name and my sister Emily's name put together. The show would be all about the fun things we do together every day.
–Skylar, age 11, Arizona

My show would be all about training wild horses—it would be called Wild Ones.
–Grace, age 9, Texas

I would create a show that spotlights the lives of people working behind the scenes on Broadway. My cousin does that, and I went to visit once—it was really cool!
–Charli, age 11, Canada

The Friend Fixer would be the name of my show. It would be about girls who are fighting. I would give them advice, and I'd also bring other girls on the show who'd had similar fights but came up with solutions. It would help lots of girls!
–Gabi, age 13, North Carolina

My reality show would take place at an animal sanctuary, and it would be perfect for an animal lover like me. We would get to see what animals do each day, from when they wake up until they go to sleep.
–Robin, age 11, Alabama

If I had my own reality show, it would be about my friends and me traveling around the world and having once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Being on a show with all of my friends would definitely make me smile.
–Talia, age 10, Virginia

My TV show would be called Bully. Hidden cameras would be placed in schools, and I'd hire actors to pretend to be bullies and victims. The show would be all about other kids' reactions. Will they stand up to the bullies? Or will they be quiet? It could teach viewers how to help people when they're being bullied.
–Macy, age 11, Maryland

I'd create a show about my life in middle school. It would be about my adventures with my friends. I'd show handling tough situations and share some tips, too.
–Lydia, age 12, Ohio

I'm into archery, so I think it would be cool to have a reality show about my school's archery team. It would be great exposure for my sport, since not everyone is familiar with it.
–Tori, age 13, Virginia

I would call my reality show The Wild and Colorful Bailey. It would feature my crazy family and the funny things that happen in my life. The star would definitely be my cute puppy, Cooper!
–Bailey, age 11, Oregon

If I had the opportunity to create a reality show, it would be about teams of girls helping out in their communities. A team would get a point for every good deed they completed. The first team to get 50 points would win a prize, such as a donation to a favorite charity. It would encourage girls to make a difference and to remember that teamwork is important.
–Finley, age 10, Wisconsin

If I made my own reality show, it would be called America's Goofy Dogs. It would show silly dogs doing lots of funny things. I got the idea from my dog, Baby—he does a hilarious dance, and he'd be perfect for the show!
–Zoe, age 9, Missouri

Lately, I've noticed that some TV shows portray ballet as a negative thing, full of pushy moms, mean teachers, and competitive friends. But my experience with ballet has been great, and there have been lots of encouraging people around me. My reality show would be about my life as a ballerina and would show people that ballet can be a positive thing.
–Valentina, age 11, Washington

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