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Cool Combos

Ten-year-old Bonnie asked this question: "What is your favorite flavor combination and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

Pickles and cheese! Those are my two favorite foods. Even though the combination sounds odd, I think they taste delicious together.
–Emma, age 13, Ohio

My favorite food combination is popcorn and peanuts. I have missed those foods so much because I've had braces, but I'm getting the braces off this week! I can't wait to eat my favorite foods again.
–Grace, age 11, South Carolina

Orange-flavored chocolate is my favorite flavor combo. My mom makes delicious orange truffles—they smell good and taste good, too.
–Jordan, age 10, Iowa

I like to drizzle ranch dressing on my pizza. Some people think that those flavors might taste bad together, but they're actually really delicious together.
–An American Girl fan, age 13, North Carolina

I love the combination of mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and fresh basil. These three foods make a delicious combination, especially during summer.
–Ellie, age 11, Illinois

I love the combination of peanut butter and jelly. Those flavors remind me of when I was in preschool and my mom would pack a PB&J sandwich for my lunch every day.
–Finley, age 10, South Carolina

When I eat a green apple, I like to take bites of buttery toasted bread, too. I love this combination because the sourness of the apple tastes great with the saltiness of the bread.
–Dylan, age 8, New York

I love to dip French fries in a chocolate shake. It sounds like a strange combo, but the flavors and textures work marvelously together. In fact, on a trip with my choir, we stopped at a restaurant and I got 15 other people to try it.
–Dani, age 11, Georgia

My favorite flavor combo is raspberry and chocolate. The first time I had these flavors together, I was with my best friend, who now lives 200 miles away. Now, whenever I have something that tastes like chocolate and raspberries, I think of her.
–Zipporah, age 13, New York

I love sweet and savory flavors together, such as ginger and soy sauce. They blend perfectly together and add a yummy twist to all types of dishes.
–Cynthia, age 12, New York

I love to top cookie-dough ice cream with cherries. When I have the two together, I feel as if I'm eating in a 1950s diner!
–Abby, age 11, Montana

One time at a party, I put some whipped cream on onion rings. The flavor combination was surprisingly good! You may think it's an odd combo, but try it.
–Jana, age 12, Canada

I really like having bananas and strawberries together. When I eat them, I feel as if I'm on summer vacation.
–Laura-Ann, age 8, California

Last year at Christmas, my friends and I had a party, and I made peppermint brownies. Everybody loved them! Now, whenever I have peppermint brownies, I think of the great party I had with my pals.
–Ashlyn, age 13, Missouri

I love eating crazy flavors together! If someone were to spill juice on her cereal, I would probably be the first one to try it. I'm always up for trying new things.
–Charlotte, age 11, Wisconsin

Past You Said It!