Past You Said It!

"Your pet can do what?"

Twelve-year-old Laura asked this question: "What is your pet's special talent?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

My hamster, Muffin, runs on his wheel when I say "Go" and stops when I say "Stop." I always give him a piece of carrot afterward!
–Hannah, age 12, Texas

Even though my cat is blind, I've taught her to chase after a little toy mouse that runs across the floor. It makes me happy when I see her play.
–Brook, age 11, Virginia

My dog's talent is to find microscopic crumbs of food, real or imaginary, and lick them off the floor. Her other talent is to run away and not listen when I call her. But I love her anyway!
–Allison, age 13, Idaho

My golden retriever's special talent is jumping over hurdles. I love to watch him in the dog shows he competes in every weekend.
–Kaitlyn, age 11, Oklahoma

My little puppy's talent is sleeping. She just flops down in random spots on the floor and snoozes. Her favorite place to sleep is on our shoes.
–Ellie, age 12, Michigan

Singing is my dog's talent. Whenever I play a flute or harmonica, he starts howling in the same key as the music.
–Razzi, age 10, Pennsylvania

One night, I was sleeping and I woke up to my lights being turned on and off. I couldn't believe it when I saw my cat jumping up and down and hitting the light switch! I think he might be the only cat around who can turn lights on and off.
–Cee Cee, age 12, Tennessee

My dog Lucky's talent is calming me down on stressful days. He's always there to comfort me.
–Versailles, age 11, Canada

My hermit crab, Rocky, comes when I call him (if he's not busy eating!).
–Anna, age 12, Iowa

My cat can open drawers—then he takes out all of the clothes and builds a nest to snuggle in!
–Bonnie, age 10, California

Believe it or not, my dog can count! I'll say, "How much is four, Buster?" and he'll bark four times. It's really cute.
–Phoebe, age 12, California

My dog, Houdini, can escape from a fenced area or tight space or even his collar. We named him Houdini because he can escape from anything, like the magician Harry Houdini.
–Carolina, age 11, Texas

When I play the guitar, my bird will come over and pluck some of the strings with her beak or feet. It's so cute and funny to watch.
–Dominique, age 12, Virginia

My dog loves to play baseball. When my family and I are playing, she'll bring the ball back and even drop it into a bucket. She's a great outfielder!
–Jenny, age 10, California

My dog can actually hug me! When I come home from school, she puts her front legs around my waist. Usually she hugs me for a long time.
–Rebecca, age 11, New York

My guinea pigs can sing! Well, sort of. When I play a CD, they start squeaking very loudly. It's so funny.
–Rosalee, age 12, Kentucky

My cat is furry, soft, and lovable. He may not be the world's most talented pet, but he's always there for me, and I think that's pretty special.
–Gracie, age 11, Florida

Past You Said It!