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A Year-Long Break

Ten-year-old Eden asked this question: "If you got the chance to take a year off from school, what would you do and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I'd go on an around-the-world whale-watching trip. I've always wanted to see whales in the Arctic and New Zealand (among other places). Since I want to be a marine biologist, this would be my dream trip.
–Sarah, age 11, California

If I could take a year off from school, I would go on every roller coaster in the United States.
–Gracie, age 9, Ohio

If I had a year away from school, I would open a greenhouse and sell beautiful flowers. I always feel at peace when I'm around flowers.
–Kallie, age 13, Georgia

I would read all the books that I haven't had time to read—I absolutely love to read!
–Caroline, age 12, Illinois

I'd like to go to a country in Africa to help build homes, find clean water, and grow food.
–Ally, age 10, Florida

If I got the chance to take a year off from school, the first thing I would do is fly to Iowa to see my grandparents. We hardly ever get to see each other, so it would be fun to spend a year there. I'd get to play with my cousins, too.
–Grace, age 9, California

During a year-long break from school, I'd probably start a small business. I'd make bracelets or do something else creative.
–Zoe, age 10, New Jersey

My dream is to become a professional soccer player, so if I took a year off from school, I'd practice soccer all day and work on my technique. I'd hope I would be able to train with really good coaches.
–Ana, age 13, Ohio

I would live in Costa Rica. I have always wanted to go on a rope course there― that sounds like so much fun. I'd bring my friends, too!
–Juliet, age 11, California

I'd travel across the United States and volunteer at one animal shelter for two days in every state. I think that volunteering makes a big difference, and I'd love the chance to see what different shelters are like.
–Lili, age 10, Illinois

I would go on a reality-show competition to chase my dream of becoming a famous singer.
–Jaylee, age 9, Oklahoma

I would train to hike the Appalachian Trail. I would love to explore the wilderness!
–Leah, age 12, Georgia

If I had a whole year off from school, I would go horseback riding every day. I love horses, but I'm usually so busy with school that I don't get to spend much time with my horses. I'd love to be with them all the time.
–Julia, age 13, Maryland

I'd write a play and perform it at the end of the year with a ton of my friends. Everyone I know would be in the audience. Writing and acting are my passions, and I can't imagine doing anything more fun.
–Sara Lynn, age 10, Wisconsin

Actually, I'm taking a year off from school right now! I'm on a trip around the world with family—we're traveling to 20 countries! We did it because my mom always had a dream to travel around the world.
–Jolie, age 11, Illinois

Past You Said It!