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Just Mom and Me

Nine-year-old Kallie asked this question: "Imagine that your mom has just told you that you're going on a surprise vacation together, just the two of you, to anywhere in the world. Where would you want to go with your mom, and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I'd love to go to Germany with my mom. She can speak German, and I'm learning. It would be so much fun to explore Germany together.
–Liliana, age 12, Colorado

I want to visit New Orleans. My mom and I both love music, and we'd have so much fun exploring the birthplace of jazz.
–Caitlyn, age 11, Canada

I'd want to go to Africa so that my mom and I could help people in need. We'd help lots of people, and we'd feel good doing it, too.
–Joy, age 9, New Hampshire

Spain would be my dream destination. It's a colorful place, and there are so many things to do. Going anywhere with my mom, just the two of us, would be nice.
–Lindsay, age 11, Vermont

My mom and I would love to visit a rain forest in South America. We're both fascinated by nature, and it would be so much fun to see all of those cool creatures and plants.
–Kaela, age 10, Colorado

Paris would be the perfect destination for my mom and me. I love to paint, so I dream of visiting the art museums there. And my mom loves to bake, so she would enjoy stopping at lots of little bakeries.
–Sara, age 9, Washington

I would like to go to a mall with my mom. With five kids under 12 in my family, I hardly ever get time to do something one-on-one with my mom—even something as simple as shopping!
–Tolli, age 12, California

My mom is always saying how she doesn't have time to visit her family in New York, and she misses them so much. Even though we could go anywhere in the world, I'd choose New York so that my mom could see her family.
–Ahlam, age 11, Alabama

If my mom and I could go on a dream vacation, I'd pick a cruise. My mom loves to relax, and I like to do as many fun things as possible, so a cruise would make each of us happy. I'd be sliding down the water slides, and my mom would be sitting by the pool, reading a magazine. It would work for both of us!
–Sarah, age 10, Massachusetts

I'd want to go to California to ride horses with my mom. Horseback riding is something we both love. We'd feel so happy and free!
–Sadie, age 11, Massachusetts

Since our lives can get pretty busy, I'd want to go to the quietest place I can think of—Antarctica! We'd watch penguins, go hiking (bundled up, of course), and ice-skate.
–Jilly, age 9, California

My mom is from Trinidad, an island in the Caribbean. I'd like to go to Trinidad with her because I want to see where she grew up. She'd tell me all about her childhood memories while we sat back and watched the clear blue sea from a beach.
–Nadiah, age 10, New York

Mom and I would go camping in the mountains. She and I love to hike, fish, and listen to the sounds of nature. The best part would be cooking delicious meals together over a campfire.
–Emma, age 13, North Carolina

Venice, Italy, would be my dream destination. My mom and I would float down the canals in a gondola, and it would give us time to talk, just the two of us. We'd also love to try a lot of yummy Italian food.
–Haley, age 10, Virginia

My mom and I talk about our dream destination all the time! We want to visit Prince Edward Island in Canada—that's where the book Anne of Green Gables takes place. It would be a beautiful, soothing place for a vacation.
–Monica, age 9, California

I would want to stay at home with my mom. We would bake, watch movies, and just talk all day. I don't need to go somewhere special—I can bond with my mom right here!
–Nora, age 11, New Jersey

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