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Miss President

Ten-year-old Janaye asked this question: "If you were given the chance to be the President of the United States for one day, what would you do and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I would put more recycling bins near stores instead of garbage cans. This might help people to recycle more and throw things away less.
–Gigi, age 11, California

I'd help people in Africa. We'd dig lots of wells so that the people could have clean water to drink. In America, sometimes we don't think about how fortunate we are to have water that's safe to drink.
–Alex, age 13, Colorado

I would create more jobs. My dad just lost his job. I wish I could have the chance to help him and other unemployed people.
–Chrissa, age 11, Oklahoma

I'd explore the White House. I would walk around the gardens, see Abraham Lincoln's bedroom, and eat chocolate made by the chefs. I'd watch a movie in the movie theater, too!
–Abby, age 10, Kentucky

If I were the President for a day, I'd make a holiday—I'd call it "Relaxation Day." Adults could take the day off from work and children would get a day off from school. It would give people time to unwind and reflect. Whether it was used watching TV or going fishing, the day would be for simply relaxing.
–Sydney, age 11, New Jersey

As the President, I would make a law that every city in the United States has to have at least one animal shelter. I love animals!
–Shelby, age 9, California

I would say that each kid could choose one sport or activity to do for free. I've always wanted to take an art class, but I already play basketball. Since there are 11 kids in my family, we can't afford for me to do both. Each kid would get a great opportunity to try something new.
–Jenna, age 12, Arizona

If I were the President for one day, I would encourage everybody to plant gardens. Our nation would be greener, and people could enjoy fruit and vegetables that they grew themselves.
–Michelle, age 13, Florida

The first thing I'd do as the President is to ask every American to donate one dollar to cancer charities. I really want to help people who have cancer, and I think the donations could make a difference in our country.
–Mary, age 10, New York

I would hold a special picnic on the White House lawn for people who are hungry and can't afford to buy food.
–An American Girl fan, age 11, Minnesota

If I were the President, I'd hold a big public meeting and ask people to tell me how to run the country. People could share the changes they wish to see, and maybe the United States would become an even better place to live.
–An American Girl fan, age 10, California

I'd give free vacations to every person in the military. That way, they could spend time with their families.
–Kylie, age 11, California

As the President, I'd ask every American to ride his or her bike that day—no cars allowed! It would help the planet, give people exercise, and be fun.
–Tessa, age 10, Florida

I would make a new law—everything must be colorful, must be fun, and must be easy. And less schoolwork, too.
–Annalena, age 11, North Carolina

I would say, "No, thank you. I'd rather not be the President." I'd rather spend my days as a kid, worrying about kid things.
–Jessica, age 12, California

Past You Said It!