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Sweet Stuff

Ten-year-old Kate asked this question: "If you were a lip gloss, what flavor would you be and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I would want to be a cupcake-flavored lip gloss. Then I could be sweet and sprinkled with happiness.
–Sydney, age 13, Massachusetts

I'm a unique girl, so I'd want to be a one-of-a-kind flavor—I'd be a bacon lip gloss!
–Veronica, age 11, Missouri

I love to eat sweet potatoes, so if I could be a lip gloss, it would be fun to be one that has a sweet potato flavor.
–Kasey, age 13, Kentucky

My personality is a mixture of sweetness, sportiness, and smarts, so I'd be fruit punch! It's my favorite drink, too.
–Jessica, age 12, Canada

I would be a strawberry-chocolate-vanilla lip gloss. I'm a triplet, and I'm very close with my two sisters. I love chocolate, Sophia loves strawberries, and Mallory loves vanilla.
–Chloe, age 11, Washington

I'm crazy about anything that's pink, so I would be a perfect pink lemonade lip gloss.
–Abbie, age 9, Texas

My family always says that I have a simple, uncomplicated personality, so if I were a lip gloss, I'd definitely be vanilla-flavored.
–An American Girl fan, age 13, California

I am a very easygoing girl, so my perfect lip gloss flavor would be coconut. It reminds me of soothing tropical places.
–Morgan, age 10, New Jersey

Mint lip gloss would definitely match my cool, calm personality.
–Gabrielle, age 11, Massachusetts

I would be a strawberry-flavored lip gloss because it reminds me of my grandma—her garden always smells of freshly picked strawberries.
–Eva, age 12, New York

If I could be a lip-gloss flavor, I'd be my grandma's butterballs. They're buttery cookies rolled up into balls and covered with powdered sugar. They're my favorite treats.
–Alyssa, age 10, California

The name of my lip-gloss flavor would be Laugh Out Loud Grape. My friends say that I'm funny and outgoing, and purple is my favorite color. I'd want to be a bold lip gloss that stands out from the ordinary ones.
–Mary, age 12, Tennessee

I'd be a papaya-flavored lip gloss. It's a very different flavor, and it reminds me the exotic places I've visited.
–Sarah, age 10, California

Summer is my favorite season, so I'd be a watermelon lip gloss. It would be a sparkly pink and come in a green tube.
–Jayme, age 11, New York

I think that I would be a caramel-corn-flavored lip gloss. When I got braces, one of the things I missed most was caramel corn. This way, girls with braces could still enjoy caramel corn!
–Sydni, age 10, Florida

If I were a lip gloss, I would be a mystery flavor. When you untwisted the cap, you'd get a mystery flavor. I'm full of surprises, so this lip gloss would fit my personality perfectly.
–Anabelle, age 11, Colorado

Past You Said It!