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Upside-Down Frown

Ten-year-old Lili asked this question: "When you feel blue, which activity always cheers you up, no matter what?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

Whenever I feel down in the dumps, I like to watch old home videos with my mom. They always make me smile.
–Chava, age 10, Minnesota

When I'm sad, I like to run. I feel free when I run—every step makes me feel as if I'm flying. My sadness quickly turns into happiness when I'm running.
–Lynn, age 12, New Jersey

My happiness booster is helping others. It makes me feel good when I give my mom an extra hug or volunteer at a senior center. When I give love, I feel loved, and that always cheers me up.
–Valentina, age 11, Washington

If I'm feeling sad, I listen to music from my past ballet performances. The music brings back great memories from my ballet school, where I would dance and spend time with friends.
–Marie, age 13, New Jersey

The person I can always rely on to make me smile when I'm feeling blue is my sweet one-year-old brother. A toothy grin from him can brighten even the worst day.
–Abigail, age 10, North Carolina

I read fantasy books when I'm sad, because they can transport me to magical lands. When I imagine the characters and events, I lose myself in the stories and forget all about my troubles.
–Aileen, age 12, Ohio

Doing gymnastics always cheers me up. Flipping all over the place makes me feel happy and helps me to shine my brightest.
–Shameecka, age 9, Georgia

I made a "feel better" box for myself. On note cards, I wrote uplifting phrases such as "You are beautiful" or lyrics from my favorite songs. Whenever I'm feeling sad, I pull out the cards and read them one by one.
–Gloria, age 12, Illinois

My cat seems to sense when I'm feeling down. Whenever I need a boost, she's right there to nudge my arm and purr—that gets me smiling again in no time.
–Zoe, age 9, Mississippi

On my birthday, my classmates made a book that they filled with positive, nice things about me. Every time I feel down, I reach for that book.
–Lauren, age 11, Illinois

Window-shopping always cures my blues. I like seeing the cool things at the stores, and I forget about whatever made me sad.
–Molly, age 10, Florida

Writing poems boosts my mood. When I have complicated feelings, I feel better when I get my feelings down on paper.
–Felicia, age 11, New York

If I feel like going to bed and crying, I'll sit at the piano and play my heart out instead. Whether it's a made-up song or one that I'm learning for my lessons, the flowing sounds always make me happy.
–Annaliese, age 12, Michigan

I have a special, quiet spot in my backyard. It's between two little pine trees, and it smells so good. Whenever I'm upset, sitting there for a while makes me feel much better.
–An American Girl fan, age 13, Montana

I created a playlist that I named "Happy." It has some of my favorite cheerful songs on it. When I'm feeling down, I dance to the songs, and by the time the playlist is over, I feel awesome.
–Lilly, age 12, Virginia

I turn to art whenever I'm blue. Creating art makes me happy no matter what. I've been doodling and painting ever since I could pick up a brush or crayon. It just feels right to me.
–Juliana, age 11, Massachusetts

Whenever my brothers and sister see me frowning, they start to sing a little song: "No one likes a frown face; change it for a smile! Make the world a happier place by smiling all the while!" Or my mom will make up songs about random things, like pickles. Usually I end up laughing instead of crying.
–Taylor, age 10, Texas

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