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True You

Thirteen-year-old Hannah asked this question: "When do you feel the most like yourself?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I'm a square dancer, and when I dance, my true self comes out. I'm teased at school because I'm the only one who square-dances, but I don't mind—it makes me unique!
–Stella, age 10, Kentucky

When I run, I feel the most like myself. I love the way my thoughts slow down, and I feel as if I'm part of the wind and the earth. When I'm running, I come alive.
–Caroline, age 12, New Hampshire

I'm in a writing class, and that's where I feel as if I can be my true self. I've written a lot of stories and love being able to express myself.
–Annie, age 9, Tennessee

I feel the most like myself when I listen to music. I love '80s rock music, which isn't popular with everyone, but it makes me happy. When I listen to my favorite songs, I let go of my feelings and relax.
–An American Girl fan, age 12, North Carolina

I'm totally myself when I'm acting. When the lights are shining on me, I feel as if I'm shining, too. I make each performance my own, and I feel absolutely wonderful when I come out for curtain calls.
–Ally, age 11, Louisiana

I am myself when I dress like "Damara"—pink sneakers, jeans, a T-shirt, and a ponytail. That's when I look and feel like me.
–Damara, age 12, Washington

When I ride my bike, I'm the true me—an adventurous and spirited girl. Riding my bike gives me time to think and to be the girl I really am.
–Claire, age 13, Nevada

I love to cook, so when I'm experimenting in the kitchen, I feel like myself. After I make something amazing, I feel as if I can do anything.
–Jessie, age 12, Virginia

My personality shines when I'm in a math class. I actually like taking math tests—I'm really good at multiplication! Math is my special talent, and when I'm working on problem, that's when I feel like myself.
–Irena, age 8, Oregon

Sometimes I can be clumsy, but when I'm around horses, I am graceful and calm. Whenever I feel as if my life is out of control, riding horses helps me to relax and reconnect with myself.
–Lauren, age 11, Florida

I love writing songs to play on my guitar. When I write songs, I put my personality down on paper. I don't have to worry about following any rules or messing up in front of someone. My songs are for me.
–Olivia, age 13, Virginia

As soon as my foot slips into an ice skate, I'm ready to shine. I love showing my true colors as I spin around on the ice.
–Janice, age 12, New York

When I help out at my local animal shelter or give a donation, my true self comes out. It makes me feel so good, and I know that I am meant to help animals in need.
–Lili, age 9, Illinois

I feel the most like myself when I'm painting. There's something about painting that makes me feel happy inside. When I paint whatever pops into my head, I feel amazing.
–Desiree, age 10, Illinois

When I'm with my siblings, I am myself. I have four sisters and a brother, and since I'm the oldest, all of them look up to me. I love being a big sister.
–Rylee, age 11, California

I'm my true self when I'm with my best friend. We've known each other for seven years, and there's nothing I won't do around her. We make up jokes, do silly accents, and have lots of fun. I am completely myself around her.
–Abby, age 12, Pennsylvania

When I'm with my family, I can wear what I want, read what I want, and just be myself. They don't judge me like other people might. I have a unique sense of humor, but my family totally gets it. My family helps me to be me.
–Lia, age 13, Florida

I feel the most like myself when I'm reading American Girl magazine or when I'm doing activities on the American Girl website. I can express myself and let my inner star shine!
–Anna, age 11, Wisconsin

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