Past You Said It!


Ten-year-old Jessica asked this question: "What is one thing you like to do to cheer up a friend who is feeling down, and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

My friends and I love music, so when we're feeling blue, I pull out my guitar. Making up new songs together always cheers us up.
–Abri, age 12, Missouri

I try to make my friend laugh. I'll make funny faces, do a silly dance, and tell jokes. Within a few minutes, she's laughing with me.
–Julie, age 10, New York

I'm a cheerleader, and I made up a cheer that I do when my friends are down. It's pretty funny, so my friends laugh when I perform it. It makes me feel good to see them happy again.
–Alyssa, age 12, California

When my best friend is feeling low, she and I open up my laptop and look at cute pictures of cats together. Looking at adorable animals always puts smiles on both of our faces.
–Jensen, age 10, Pennsylvania

One of my friends is struggling with an illness, so when she went to the hospital, I sent her a journal, a bottle of nail polish, and a handmade blanket for her bed. Even though she isn't at home, I wanted her to feel at home in her hospital room.
–Ariane, age 11, Ohio

When one of my friends feels down, I like to write her a sweet note and make a list of all of the things I like best about her.
–Alyssa, age 9, Pennsylvania

If my friend were feeling sad, I'd invite her and some of our other friends over for a slumber party. We'd play her favorite games, watch a fun movie, and eat her favorite dinner. We'd be sure to keep her laughing, too.
–Julia, age 10, Massachusetts

I'd give my friend a big hug and then take her out to do something fun, such as bowling, ice-skating, or getting a treat at an ice cream shop.
–Tina, age 13, Georgia

I have a friend who twisted her ankle. She has to be on crutches, and she was upset about that. So, to cheer her up, my friends and I would race to hold doors open for her and carry her bags and books. Sometimes just being there for a friend is enough to put a smile on her face.
–Norah, age 12, Tennessee

I like to say encouraging words such as, "You did great!" or "I'm so proud of you!" I know that if I need to be cheered up, I feel better when my friends encourage me.
–Maria, age 10, California

My favorite way to cheer people up is making homemade cards for them. After I give someone a card, it's priceless to see her face when she knows that I care about her and want to make her feel special.
–Hashanit, age 13, Canada

My best friend and I lease a horse together, and when either of us feels down, we go to the stable together and take turns riding around. Scamp always seems to make our sadness melt away.
–Lily, age 12, South Carolina

I like to tell my friends funny stories about my dog. They love the stories—just hearing about my dog always makes them smile.
–Meghan, age 10, New Jersey

When one of my friends is feeling down, I like to keep her mind off the problem. We do crafts together, play silly games, watch a funny movie, cook something sweet, or do crazy things. She always has fun, and it's nice when she thanks me for cheering her up.
–Hailey, age 13, Wyoming

Past You Said It!