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Twelve-year-old Mara asked this question: "Have you ever worked hard to reach a goal? Share an accomplishment that took a lot of time and dedication."

These girls shared their thoughts:

I'm in gymnastics, and I was the only girl in the class who couldn't do a split. The best gymnasts were being picked to perform in a show, so every day that I practiced, I got closer and closer to being able to do a split—then I finally did it! I ended up being chosen for the show.
–Ella, age 12, New York

Last year, I was in a spelling bee. My mom quizzed me all the time so that I could learn the spelling words. All of that studying paid off because I won second place.
–Marissa, age 10, Ohio

I spent weeks learning my lines for my play, Cinderella. I practiced each night, even when I had tons of homework. When I was onstage, I wasn't nervous at all.
–Imogen, age 11, England

My friend and I dream of being journalists someday, so we created a neighborhood newspaper. It took a lot of time and dedication, but it was worth it to see the smiles on our neighbors' faces.
–Alex, age 13, Colorado

I belong to a 4-H club, and last year, my county decided to stop funding 4-H. At a county meeting, I gave a speech about how much 4-H means to me—I was even on TV! I was so scared, but we have our 4-H club back, and I'd like to think that I helped.
–Megan, age 12, Washington

I have been in ballet since I was two years old. I'm only ten now and I'm already in the high-school class! I have worked extremely hard to reach this goal, and it's exciting to be with the older girls.
–Lacey, age 10, Delaware

After one of my favorite authors visited my school, I decided to write a novel. It took almost a year, and I even drew my own illustrations. It was about a girl being bullied. It feels good to know that I've written a book.
–Claire, age 11, California

A couple of years ago, our local animal shelter was going to have to shut down if they didn't get enough donations. I thought about all those animals that wouldn't have a place to go, so I decided to have a bake sale. I earned nearly $70 for the animal shelter. The shelter is still open—and I had something to do with that.
–Emily, age 12, Michigan

I really wanted to be the class president. I printed flyers, gave speeches, designed posters, and debated with the other candidates. After all that hard work, I won by two votes!
–Isabella Rose, age 11, Idaho

I spent a couple of months practicing the harp for my uncle's wedding. At the wedding, I played four songs and made only one or two mistakes. That just goes to show, practice makes perfect.
–Josie, age 9, Minnesota

I love art, but I've never been that great at it. There's an art show at my school, and the art teacher chooses the best artists in the school to feature their work. I really wanted to be included, so I took art classes. This year, one of my pieces was picked!
–Allison, age 12, Kansas

Last year, I was almost failing math. I worked hard to get my grade up. It was stressful, but I went from a D to a B+. I was so proud of myself.
–Jessica, age 13, Oregon

For our school's science fair, my friend and I decided to make a model of the human heart. We included an article about an organization that helps people with heart diseases, and we put out a box for donations to the organization, too. It felt good to send in the donations.
–Sophia, age 11, New Jersey

My sister, one of our friends, and I love to spend time together, and one day when we were singing a song, we realized we had great harmony. After practicing almost every day, we performed in our school's talent show. Then we started singing the national anthem at school sporting events, and that led to us singing the national anthem at a concert! We're very proud of ourselves.
–Morgan, age 13, Indiana

I work hard to reach little goals every day―anything from making my bed to learning a new song on the piano. Big or small, accomplishments are accomplishments!
–Stephanie, age 12, Canada

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