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Ten-year-old Claire asked this question: "If you were elected to be the president of your class, what is one thing you would do to make your classroom or school a better place?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

If I were elected to be the president of my class, I would make every Friday a dress-up day, such as Pajama Day or Crazy Hair Day. It would give kids a chance to have fun at the end of a long week of school.
–Louisa, age 11, Wisconsin

I would encourage everyone to recycle. We would clean up the school playground, and then we'd have a party and present a trophy to the kid who picked up the most stuff. It makes me feel good to help the environment.
–Grace, age 9, Florida

My school is small and doesn't offer a lot of activities, so I'd create tons of after-school clubs. There would be clubs for acting, sports, writing, and much more.
–Gianna, age 11, Iowa

I would hold a bake sale every week to raise money for our school's garden.
–Caroline, age 13, New York

At my school, we have assigned seats for lunch. If I were the president, I would let kids sit wherever they liked. That way, students could catch up with their friends or make new friends.
–Olivia, age 11, Washington

I'm home-schooled, so if my mom were to make me the "president," I'd eat brownies after lunch every day!
–Heidi, age 12, Virginia

My school's walls are gray and boring, so I'd ask the art club to paint colorful murals around the school. It would add some fun color to our hallways.
–An American Girl fan, age 13, Delaware

It makes me sad when I see kids feeling down, so if I were president, I'd make encouraging posters to put up around the school. Reading a positive quote or looking at a happy scene might cheer kids up.
–Hope, age 11, Tennessee

My friends and I love to read, so if I were the president, I'd make the reading time at the beginning of class much longer.
–Keale, age 10, California

I would encourage my school to have gym class every day. I live at a boarding school, and now that I'm in middle school, I have gym only twice a week. Some of my friends are having trouble staying alert in class, so if we had gym every day, I think we'd have more energy.
–Savana, age 12, China

At the end of every quarter, I'd organize a dance party for all of the students. It would be a great way to celebrate!
–Madison, age 11, Ohio

I would ask the school to add a classroom for people who need extra help on their work. During a free hour or after school, teachers would be there to help students who are struggling with a subject.
–Abigail, age 10, California

If my class chose me to be the president, I'd create a school motto, such as "Never give up" or "Always have fun!" It would be a nice way to motivate students.
–Sofia, age 9, South Carolina

I'd start a sign-language class at my school. My little brother is autistic and he communicates by using sign language. It's a useful skill to have, and I'd love to share it with other kids.
–Jessica, age 12, Wisconsin

As the president, I would ask each class to volunteer. Whether they volunteered by organizing a canned food drive or walking dogs at an animal shelter, all the students would help out with something.
–Beka, age 11, Ohio

I actually am the school president! One of my goals for the year is to hold a talent show. It would be fun and would help people embrace their gifts, too.
–Britt, age 13, Maryland

Past You Said It!