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Tastes Good, Doughnut?

Twelve-year-old Abigail asked this question: "If you could create a totally new doughnut flavor, what kind of doughnut would you make and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I would make a popcorn-flavored doughnut. The buttery and salty popcorn would really complement the sugary doughnut.
–Ava Rose, age 12, Illinois

My doughnut would taste just like a crpe from France. My grandparents went to Europe recently, and when they got home, they made us some crpes. They were delicious!
–Anna, age 9, Tennessee

I'd create a holiday-themed doughnut. It would have red and white twists and would taste just like a candy cane.
–Trinity, age 12, Minnesota

I'd combine coconut and lime flavors to create my doughnut. I love the tropics, and I think if people got to eat this doughnut, they could instantly transport themselves to paradise.
–Kayla, age 11, Hawaii

My doughnut flavor would be apple pie. I just love apple pie, and biting into a doughnut filled with apples and cinnamon would put a big smile on my face.
–Abby, age 12, Wisconsin

I am a major chocolate lover. My new creation would be named Abby's Loco for Cocoa doughnut. It would have devil's food cake, chocolate frosting, cocoa- flavored sprinkles, and chocolate-covered coffee beans.
–Abigail, age 11, North Carolina

I would create a doughnut flavor called "sugar plum." It would be covered in powdered sugar and have a plum-custard filling. Yummy, and perfect for this time of year.
–Isabelle, age 10, California

In honor of my brother, I'd make a cheese-flavored doughnut. It would make him happy if he could eat a cheese doughnut, as silly as it sounds.
–Claudia, age 12, Massachusetts

I would make a maple-pecan doughnut. The frosting would be maple-flavored, and the sprinkles would be crumbled pecans. I love maple-pecan ice cream, so I think this doughnut would be delicious.
–Willow, age 11, Connecticut

I'd create a doughnut that tastes just like a s'more. It would have marshmallow filling inside, chocolate frosting on the outside, and to top it off, crumbled graham crackers sprinkled all over it. It would be perfect for camping.
–Miah, age 12, South Dakota

I would make a French toast doughnut with syrup-flavored icing. I like French toast and doughnuts, so this would be a great breakfast combo for me.
–Kate, age 11, Michigan

If I could create a new doughnut flavor, it would taste like a slice of sweet potato pie. My family makes sweet potato pie every Thanksgiving, but I'd love to be able to eat it year-round. With this doughnut, I could eat it whenever I like!
–Autumn, age 12, Mississippi

My doughnut would have pink frosting, and when you bit into it, you'd taste three layers: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Yum!
–Eleanor, age 11, Minnesota

I would make a winter wonderland doughnut. It would be glazed and have minty icing and snowflake-shaped sprinkles. I love winter.
–Bethynee, age 9, Louisiana

I need to eat gluten-free foods, and honestly, I don't care for most gluten-free treats. If I could create a doughnut, it would be a simple glazed gluten-free doughnut that I could eat and enjoy!
–Rydel, age 11, Canada

Past You Said It!