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Family Fun

Twelve-year-old Sarah asked this question: "What is your favorite thing to do with your siblings and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

My family and I live on a beach, so every weekend we wake up early and go surfing. It's a great way to bond with my siblings.
–Rachel, age 12, Florida

I have a baby brother. He's nine months old and he's so cute! I love to tickle him and make him laugh. My baby brother is a wonderful gift to my family.
–Abigail, age 10, North Carolina

My big sister is awesome! She takes me places all the time. One of our favorite things to do together is going to the mall to get our nails done. I really look up to her.
–Hannah, age 11, Pennsylvania

My sister and I love to have dance parties in our bedroom. We plug my MP3 music player into a speaker, switch off the lights, turn on our light-up disco ball, and dance away!
–Sarah, age 13, Minnesota

I like to use my imagination with my little brother. We pretend to be characters from TV shows or jungle animals. Sometimes we play for hours.
–Beth, age 10, California

My older sister and I cook together. Sometimes we follow a recipe and sometimes we make up our own. No matter what we do, the food ends up tasting great, and we get to spend time together.
–Grace Lynn, age 13, Virginia

I enjoy playing video games with my younger brother—even though I always win.
–Sarah, age 10, Mississippi

I'm an only child, but I consider my dog to be my brother! I love to teach him tricks and cuddle with him. He's the best "brother" in the world.
–Olivia, age 11, New York

My siblings and I love to have water-balloon fights. We hide behind trees in our backyard and toss water balloons at each other all afternoon. One time, we filled up 50 balloons—that was so fun!
–Rachel, age 9, Connecticut

My sister is older than I am, but sometimes she plays games with me that we used to play when we were little, such as hide-and-go-seek. These activities remind us that we don't have to grow up too fast.
–Mallory, age 12, Washington

I love to play duets on the violin with my twin brother, who plays the cello. We both love music, so it's cool that we can express ourselves while we play together.
–Cynthia, age 13, New York

I enjoy swimming with my 16-year-old sister. We're both good swimmers, and it's fun to pretend that we're mermaids gliding through a tropical reef or diving for treasure.
–Elizabeth, age 11, Virginia

I love to play basketball with my little brother. It gives the two of us a chance to reconnect and to swap skills and tips.
–Amla, age 10, California

Sometimes my sister and I will go down to our basement and watch a movie that we've never seen. It's so much fun to talk about our favorite parts afterward.
–Mariah, age 12, Colorado

All of my siblings are at least five years older than me. Sometimes that makes it hard to connect with them, since they're all married, working, or in college. Now that I'm getting older, too, we like to sit down together and talk about our lives. Sometimes I wish that I were the same age as they are, but then I remember to be thankful for what I have. I love my siblings and wouldn't trade any of them!
–Annie, age 13, Alabama

Past You Said It!