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Road Trip!

Ten-year-old Grace asked this question: "During long car rides, what is your favorite boredom buster, and why is it your favorite?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

We usually take my dog on road trips, so I love to snuggle with him. It helps me chill, and the trip seems to go a lot faster with a furry friend by my side.
–Mia, age 10, Indiana

For car trips, I like to bring a blank journal so that I can jot down words, phrases, ideas—anything that pops into my mind. By the time the trip is over, usually I've turned the things I've written down into a story. When I get back home, I type it up on my computer.
–Abigail, age 11, North Carolina

My family is very musical, so during long car rides, my sister takes out her ukulele and we all sing songs. We have a good time singing and laughing together.
–Mia, age 12, Florida

I usually look like a mathematician during long car rides! I love math, so when my family travels, I bring a book full of math problems and a notebook. I think figuring out math problems is very relaxing, and it definitely busts my boredom.
–Kelly, age 10, Pennsylvania

I like to read a favorite book when I'm in the car for a long time. I get caught up in the story, and the time passes by quickly. When we reach our destination, it feels as if I've been in the car for only a few minutes!
–Gianna, age 8, Florida

In the car, I like to weave rubber-band bracelets. They're easy and fun to make, and when I'm done, I like to give them to people in my family.
–Caitlin, age 11, Virginia

During long car rides, I spend most of my time looking out the window. I love looking at nature, especially pretty trees. And when we drive through towns, I imagine what it would be like to live there. The only thing I need to beat boredom is my imagination!
–Alissa, age 12, Washington

My family and I go to Maine every year for a vacation, so I know a lot of boredom busters to do in the car. My favorite way to pass the time is to draw things I see along the way, such as road signs or cool animals. Then when I come home, I put all of my drawings in a scrapbook.
–Tracy, age 11, Pennsylvania

On road trips, I like to play a game called "Yellow Car." Everyone plays, and when someone sees a yellow car, he or she will yell out, "Yellow car!" Each person keeps track of how many yellow cars he or she has seen, and whoever has the most by the end of the trip wins.
–Eman, age 10, California

When I'm in the car for long trips, I love to solve Sudoku puzzles. If I'm using my brain, I'm always entertained.
–Chloe, age 9, Colorado

I have a big family (seven kids, including me), so during long car rides, my brothers and sisters and I play games, tell stories, and share jokes.We have so much fun that we don't even notice how long we've been in the car.
–Juliet, age 13, Virginia

I like to look out the window and daydream. I might pretend that I'm singing a solo in a competition or riding a horse over the hills. It's fun to daydream, and it passes the time.
–Kate, age 12, New York

My favorite boredom buster is to put on my headphones so that my music can tune out traffic sounds and honking horns. I think of long car rides as "me" time, and listening to music makes me feel calm and centered.
–Katie, age 11, New Jersey

I love to do all kinds of things during road trips. Usually I sleep during the first part, then read a book, then start crocheting, and then play games with my family. If it's a really long car ride, I'll sleep again!
–Madison, age 12, Indiana

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