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Drama, Drama, Drama

The editors at American Girl asked this question: "What kind of drama do you face at school or with your friends? How does it affect your friendships? Can you usually handle the drama, or does it become a problem for you? Share your feelings about drama."

These girls shared their thoughts:

We have a lot of drama at my school, but it mostly centers on a group of five girls who most people consider to be drama queens. I think drama is a waste of time, and it can make people feel bad about themselves.
–Meg, age 12, Rhode Island

Two girls at my school ignore me and talk behind my back. We used to be good friends, but the drama started just this year. I decided to look at it as their loss and made new friends.
–Mariah, age 13, Colorado

There's a girl on my cross-country team who sometimes makes unkind remarks to me. During practice, she'll say, "You're slow," or, "Quit being a slacker." Sometimes the comments hurt my feelings, but as a result, I've decided that I'm not going to say mean things to other people.
–Elizabeth, age 11, Virginia

At my school, being friends with boys can be really hard. People tease the girls and say, "Oooh, how's your boyfriend?" I just ignore them—I'm not going to let people's opinions change who I choose to be friends with.
–Madison, age 12, Kansas

There's a whole lot of drama and gossip and many cliques in my school, but I've decided to stay out of the drama. I don't want to spend my life in my room crying. I want to have fun with my friends and enjoy myself.
–Aylin, age 10, Connecticut

Even though I'm only in third grade, the drama can get pretty intense. My friends and I get into fights easily. Sometimes I won't talk to a friend for a little while until we've both cooled off. I don't like drama, but it seems to be pretty common among girls my age.
–Megan, age 8, Pennsylvania

There's a girl in my class who tends to be a hot-and-cold friend. Sometimes she's really sweet, but other times she throws fits when she doesn't get her way. Whenever she gets angry, I tell her, "Calm down, it's not that big of a deal," or "It's not the end of the world." After I give her a dose of reality, she usually stops being so dramatic.
–Sophia, age 11, Colorado

I'm in middle school, so it seems as if the drama is different every day. Sometimes a few of my friends disagree with my other friends. Most of the time I can handle the drama, but sometimes I talk things out with them and try to think of a solution. Even though my friends can fight a lot, I still consider them to be my pals.
–Ariana, age 12, California

Some girls in my grade will do whatever they can to create drama. I try my best to stay out of it. What good does spreading rumors and gossiping do? Drama often ruins friendships, and I don't want that to happen to me.
–Bailey, age 12, Michigan

A couple of my friends were constantly dramatic. We couldn't go a week without having a problem of some kind. They were nice to me sometimes, but other times they ignored me and made fun of me. It lasted a whole year until I realized that these girls were not real friends. If a girl makes you feel bad about yourself, she isn't a true friend.
–Maddie, age 10, Georgia

I deal with a lot of drama at my dance school. People spread rumors about my best friends and me. It isn't nice, and it hurts our feelings. So I stick close to my friends, avoid the rumor spreaders, and stay true to myself.
–Maggie, age 11, Canada

There isn't a lot of drama among my friends. We decided to make a pact that we will avoid drama at all costs. Instead of having big, dramatic fights, we've agreed to talk things out calmly or take a break. While some people like to get involved in drama, I just think it's stressful and unnecessary.
–Tanya, age 13, Wisconsin

A lot of gossip goes around at my school. When my best friend started to spread untrue rumors about me, it really hurt me inside. I saw her and a group of people whispering about me, so I walked up to them, said, "Guys, this is really not cool," and walked away. I ended up calling it quits with this friendship. The drama continues, but I know that I'm strong enough to handle it.
–Katie, age 11, New Jersey

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