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Dream Vacation

Eleven-year-old Summer asked this question: "If you could go anywhere in the world with your friends for a week, where would you go and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

If I could go anywhere with my friends, we would go to Hawaii. We'd swim, see dolphins, and learn how to surf. Then we'd sit on the beach and drink tropical smoothies. My friends love Hawaii as much as I do, so this would be the perfect getaway for us.
–Mary, age 11, New York

I used to live in Lithuania, so that's where I'd take my friends for a week. They could meet my old friends, and we'd visit some of my favorite places.
–Avery, age 9, Missouri

If I were to travel somewhere with my friends, I would go to Italy because it's a beautiful place. It would be fun to visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa, too.
–An American Girl fan, age 10, South Carolina

I met my three best friends in a fashion design class, and we've always talked about how much we want to go to Paris. That's where we'd go for our dream vacation! We'd shop for great clothes, go to fashion shows, and get inspiration.
–Allison, age 12, Kansas

My best friend and I both love to help animals, so we would go to Australia. We'd volunteer at a place that helps baby kangaroos.
–Lily, age 10, California

My friends and I would go to Alaska. We all enjoy skiing and cold weather, so being in Alaska for a week would be a dream come true.
–Summer, age 13, Michigan

I would go to China with my friends. I've wanted to go to China ever since I took a Mandarin Chinese class. My friends and I would have a great time eating yummy food and learning about the culture.
–Grace, age 10, Indiana

If I got the chance to go anywhere in the world with my friends, we'd go to Santorini—it's a beautiful Greek island. We'd have fun learning about the history of ancient Greece and soaking up the sun on the beach.
–Maria, age 13, Pennsylvania

I would want to go to England to see all of the cool castles. My friends and I would have a great time imagining what it would be like to be princesses who lived long ago. I have a friend who moved to England, so we could visit her, too.
–Linzy, age 10, Michigan

My best friend and I are both Irish dancers, so we'd go to Ireland, of course! It would be neat to see where Irish dance originated, plus I've heard the food is tasty.
–Rebecca, age 13, Virginia

If my friends and I could go anywhere, we'd visit the Galapagos Islands. Those islands are a thriving environment for tropical animals and plants, and we'd love to see all of the wildlife there.
–Emmeline, age 11, Maryland

My friends and I would travel to Egypt. I've always wanted to see the pyramids and the Great Sphinx. I have a friend from Egypt who told me all about it, and that made me want to go there.
–Julianne, age 10, Michigan

I would take my friends to our family's cabin in Maryland. We would swim in the lake every day and have campfires in the backyard.
–Macy, age 11, Maryland

I would go to Antarctica with my friends for a week. We would play in the snow and see adorable penguins and seals.
–Shameecka, age 9, Georgia

I'd go anywhere as long as I'm with my friends! When we're together, it doesn't matter where we are—we always have fun.
–Isabelle, age 12, Missouri

Past You Said It!