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Eight-year-old Gracie asked this question: "If you were a reporter for a newspaper, what is one article that you would love to write and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I would love to write an article about my local animal shelter. It needs to be restored and made bigger so that more animals can be there. I'd get the word out, and I hope the shelter would receive more donations as a result of my story.
–Allison, age 11, Missouri

If I were a newspaper reporter, I'd want to write about new books that are coming out. I absolutely love to read, so these types of articles would be perfect for me.
–Rose, age 10, North Carolina

This summer, I volunteered at a summer camp at a horse farm. I love horses, so writing about my awesome experiences would be fun.
–Julia, age 12, Maryland

If I were to become a newspaper reporter, I would love to write an advice column. People always seem to ask me for advice, so I would be perfect for this job.
–An American Girl fan, age 11, California

I'd write about Lyme disease. I have Lyme disease, and I would like to raise awareness so that people could know more about what it's like to live this challenging disease.
–Abby, age 12, Massachusetts

If I got the chance to write for a newspaper, I'd write "green" tips and tricks for readers so that they could help the earth. I'd help people appreciate a cleaner, less-polluted world.
–Swareena, age 9, New York

I'm home-schooled, so if I were a reporter for a newspaper, I would interview kids that who go to public schools and private schools as well as home-schoolers. People would probably be surprised to find out that being a home-schooler is not that different from going to a regular school.
–Aly, age 11, Arkansas

I'd love to write an article on ways for kids to eat healthy foods, such as asparagus, spinach, and eggplant, without saying "Yuck." I love fruits and vegetables, and I'd like to inspire other kids my age to give these foods a try.
–Laina, age 12, Montana

I would write about how important it is to build more homeless shelters. Winter is coming soon, and the homeless in my area need more places to go on cold nights―and have a nice Thanksgiving meal, too. I'd like to be the one to spread the word in my local newspaper.
–Mariah, age 13, Colorado

I'd definitely write an article about the President of the United States. Knowing more about our President would be interesting, and maybe I'd get to meet him!
–Alana, age 12, Georgia

It would be a dream to be a travel writer and write about amazing places around the world. And to write a good travel article, I'd have to visit the places, of course! I'd love to travel to Paris, Mount Rushmore, and the Florida Keys.
–Jessalyn, age 11, Pennsylvania

I would love to write about real heroes who might not get a lot of recognition for what they do. People in my town could nominate local heroes, and I'd write about the great things they do for others.
–Ericka, age 12, California

My mom actually is a reporter. The articles of hers that I like best are ones about local plays, musicals, and other arts events in our area. It would be amazing to get a behind-the-scenes look at these shows and events.
–Megan, age 13, Massachusetts

Past You Said It!