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Ten-year-old Chrissy asked this question: "What is your dream Halloween costume and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I'd love to be a rainbow for Halloween. I'd wear a rainbow-striped dress and sew white cotton on the skirt to represent clouds. My costume would match my colorful personality!
–Veronica, age 12, Missouri

I would be a ballet dancer. I'd wear a fancy costume, complete with a tutu, tiara, tights, and ballet shoes. And my trick-or-treat bag would be the bag I take to dance class.
–Abigail, age 11, Minnesota

I'd like to be an angel—one that can actually fly! Soaring around my neighborhood would make it easier to trick-or-treat. I'd get a lot of candy.
–Vivienne, age 10, Tennessee

It would be fun to dress as a movie star from a black-and-white movie. I'd wear a pretty vintage dress, my hair would be styled nicely, and I'd wear black-and-white makeup, too.
–Sophie, age 11, North Carolina

My dream Halloween costume would be a slice of pumpkin pie—sweet and silly!
–Megan, age 13, Maryland

I've always wanted to dress as a 1950s waitress for Halloween. I'd wear roller skates and carry a serving tray.
–Becky Mae, age 12, Virginia

I'm going to be a cowgirl this Halloween, but my dream costume would be a professional horseback rider. It would be cool to wear a new pair of boots and a neat riding helmet, and even ride a real horse.
–Kailyn, age 10, New Hampshire

For Halloween, it would be fun to be a piece of pizza. I'd wear tons of toppings, and my costume would smell like freshly baked pizza, too. Instead of candy, I'd pass out pizza to trick-or-treaters.
–Tanya, age 11, Michigan

I would wear a fantasy costume and be able to grant wishes. I'd dress as a black cat, and if a kid came up to me and asked, "Can I please have some candy?" I'd make the candy appear out of thin air.
–Greta, age 9, Connecticut

I'd love to be a parrot, but I wouldn't want to wear a costume from a store—I'd want my costume to look realistic. It would have lots of colorful feathers. I could pretend that I'm a parrot living on a tropical island.
–Megan, age 12, Massachusetts

It would be fun to dress as a fluffy dog for Halloween. I don't like trick-or-treating in the cold, so this costume would be soft, cozy, and warm. And it would make people giggle, too!
–Rhea, age 11, Michigan

My two friends and I are writing a story together, so for Halloween, I'd love to dress as the story's main character. She's a princess with special powers, and I'd wear a long green gown and wear a sparkly crown.
–Emily, age 13, California

I'd choose to dress up as a pilgrim. We are learning about pilgrims in my history class, and my mom told me that they are my ancestors. It would be cool to dress up in a historical costume.
–Chloe, age 10, Alabama

For my Halloween costume, I'd wear a cloak that would make me invisible. That way, I could sneak up on my friends and say, "BOO!"
–Elise, age 9, California

My dream costume is the one I'm wearing this Halloween. I'm going to be a reindeer, and my best friend is going to be Santa Claus. We'll put our candy in a big sack and decorate a wagon to look like a sleigh. My friend and I love Christmas, so these are perfect costumes for us.
–Hana, age 11, California

Past You Said It!