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Fabulous Favors

Eleven-year-old Evie asked this question: "If you could put anything in the favor bags for your friends at your birthday party, what would you put in them and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I'd put in tons of my homemade cupcakes. I know my friends love them, and I love to make them! My friends deserve warm, delicious treats.
–Grace, age 11, Indiana

I would make a different bag for each of my friends. I'd give one friend colorful pencils because she loves art. And I'd give my other friend a collar for her adorable dog. Each of my friends is unique, and I'd want each favor bag to reflect that.
–Hayley, age 13, Florida

I would love to give each of my friends three wishes in their favor bags. They are such good friends to me, so it would be nice to let them have a choice of anything in the world.
–Whitney, age 11, Oregon

In every favor bag, I'd put in a heartfelt note to each of my friends. I appreciate them so much, and I want them to know that. My birthday parties are only fun because my friends are with me!
–Emilie, age 12, California

In each of my dream favor bags, I would put in a magic wand that grants unlimited wishes, a necklace that instantly changes an outfit to a new one, and a purse that never runs out of money.
–Anna, age 8, Texas

I would give each of my friends a camera so that we could take pictures of ourselves spending time together. And then we'd create a big collage made up of fun pictures of us. It would be so awesome.
–Lia, age 11, Vermont

I'd include copies of all of my favorite books. That way, my friends could read books they may have not read before and see why they're important to me.
–Madison, age 13, New York

I would include movie passes in my favor bags so that my friends and I could go to the movies together for free! It would be a fun way to hang out with my best friends after the party was over.
–Chloe, age 11, Tennessee

I usually go camping for my birthday, so I would put mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and graham crackers in the favor bags. Then my friends could make mini s'mores.
–Meredith, age 12, Virginia

In each favor bag, I would put in a swimsuit, swim goggles, and a swim cap so that my friends and I could all go swimming together.
–Hazel, age 11, Minnesota

In a favor bag, I would put in little crafts that I've made myself, because they would be meaningful to my friends. I also might put in baked goods that I've made. Homemade things put smiles on people's faces.
–Anne, age 10, Ohio

If I could put anything in a favor bag, I would put in a time machine! Then we could travel back in time to our past birthday parties and have fun all over again.
–Elaina, age 11, Missouri

For my last birthday party, I invited a few girls that I've been friends with since kindergarten. One of the activities was creating "memory bags." We wrote funny notes and doodled on each other's bags. Then we all shared our favorite memories about each person. At the end, we filled the bags with gold glitter to represent our "golden" memories.
–Basil, age 9, South Dakota

Past You Said It!