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Wonderful Words

Ten-year-old Madeline asked this question: "What word do you think describes you best and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I think "creative" describes me best. I just love making and trying different things!
–Alex, age 11, Colorado

I would be described as "knowledgeable." People always come to me with questions.
–Jolie, age 12, Illinois

One word to describe me is "outgoing." I am very silly, and I love to have fun with family and friends.
–Rachel, age 9, Kentucky

I think the word that best describes me is "caring." I love to help people, and best of all, I know they will do the same for me.
–Emily, age 8, Singapore

Well, my friends say that when they're sad, I'm "kind, comforting, and funny." So I guess that's why they made up the word "kindfortny," which they say best describes me. It sounds weird, I know, but I like it.
–MJ, age 13, Colorado

I think the one word that describes me is "listener." My mom is a therapist, and I've learned from her some really great tips on listening and giving advice. Lots of my friends come to me for advice, and I enjoy helping them. It gives me a really good feeling.
–Leah, age 14, New Jersey

I would think my word is "funny." All my friends laugh when I'm around!
–Ellah, age 9, Wisconsin

I am "athletic," because I play six sports.
–Camilla, age 10, Hawaii

I would call myself "strong," because I don't get mad if someone puts me down and I stand up to anyone in my way. I think getting teased has made me stronger.
–Abigail, age 9, Wisconsin

The word that describes me best is "dancer." I dance everywhere―in stores, at home, and even at school.
–Gloria, age 11, Alaska

I think a word that describes me is "artistic," because I love to craft and draw.
–Mary, age 12, Texas

The word that best describes me is "headstrong." I am a very stubborn person, and I have a temper. That can be a good thing and bad thing. I stand up for what I believe and don't let others change my opinions. But it also can get me into trouble. I enjoy being headstrong because it makes me who I am, but I need to be careful and use it for good.
–Annie, age 14, California

I think the word for me would be "far away." (OK, that's two words.) I'm always thinking about something else.
–Grace, age 11, Maryland

My word is "compassionate," because I love to help other people. I rush to help anyone who is hurt, and if I see someone sad, I always go up to her and see if she is all right.
–Gabby, age 12, Oklahoma

I think the word "optimistic" describes me very well, because I'm a "glass half full" kind of person. I love looking on the bright side of things!
–Lilianna, age 11, Illinois

I'd say that I'm "energeticated." That made-up word describes me well because I am energetic and dedicated.
–Jessica, age 13, Canada

The word that describes me best is "orange." It's a simple word, but it's unusual because nothing rhymes with it. Plus, it's a cheerful, bubbly word, and I have a bubbly personality!
–Sohpia, age 10, Colorado

The word that describes me is "bookworm," because I'm always reading!
–Juliette, age 12, Virginia

I think the word "determined" best describes me. I have big dreams, and I plan on getting them done!
–Leah, age 12, Georgia

"Unique" would be the best word to describe me. I have so many different sides—no one else is like me!
–Amy, age 13, Wisconsin

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