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Eight-year-old Alexa asked this question: "If you created a sculpture, what would it resemble, and what would you call it?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

My sculpture would look like a butterfly carrying a flower. I'd call my sculpture, "Peace in Our Hands." Maybe it would inspire peace among people around the world.
–Averie, age 10, Washington

I'd create a sculpture of me doing a back-handspring dismount on a balance beam. I'd display it in my room, and every time I felt down on myself, I could look at it and remind myself how awesome I am.
–Savanah, age 11, China

It would be fun to make a sculpture of my pug, Couscous. Pugs have a lot of character in their faces, so I think my dog would be a perfect sculpture model.
–Kate, age 13, Virginia

My sculpture would resemble a dancer. I'm a competitive dancer—it's a big part of my life! I'd call my artwork "Peace, Love, and Dance" because whenever I dance, my problems seem to float away.
–Allison, age 12, Kansas

I'd make a life-sized panda sculpture. It would be called "Panda Power," and I would donate it to a zoo.
–Erin, age 11, Tennessee

My sculpture would be abstract—it would represent my random personality. I would express my character traits and my feelings through my sculpture. I wonder how it would turn out.
–Cat, age 11, Massachusetts

I would make a sculpture of my best friend because she's nice, understands me, and never leaves me out. I'm proud to call her my best friend.
–Kassidy, age 12, Tennessee

My sculpture would be of Gabby Douglas, the famous gymnast, because she is my role model. To me, Gabby represents determination and following your dreams.
–Christina, age 10, Maryland

"Adopt" would be the name of my sculpture. It would show a group of cats and dogs playing together. On the top, there would be a paw print, and it would be dedicated to rescue animals all over the world.
–Lili, age 9, Illinois

If I could create a sculpture, it would be of a dolphin and a sailfish jumping out of the water—those are my swim-team mascots! I'd call my sculpture "Jump for Joy."
–Peyton, age 10, Ohio

I'd create a 3-D sculpture of my apartment building. I think it would be a challenge because the building I live in has lots of details on it. It would be fun to create this sculpture because I love my apartment building.
–Julia, age 12, New York

If I could make my own sculpture, it would display the best moments of my life. I would think back on all the fun times and let my fingers create something magical. I'd call my work of art "Memories."
–Jordyn, age 13, California

My sculpture would be shaped like a microphone. It would represent the courage it takes to speak up for yourself and use your voice. I would call my masterpiece "Say It Out Loud."
–Stephanie, age 9, Washington

I would try to capture the entire animal kingdom in my sculpture. It would be huge! There would be lions and zebras in a savannah, deer and foxes in a forest, dolphins and whales in an ocean, and snakes slithering through a desert. The title of my sculpture would be "Life."
–Lexi, age 12, New Mexico

If I created a sculpture, I would definitely make one of my dad. He is a stage-three cancer survivor. Since he's the strongest person I know, my sculpture would be called "Brave."
–Hannah, age 10, Missouri

Past You Said It!