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Party Time!

Eleven-year-old Jilette asked this question: "If you were to become a party planner, what types of parties would you specialize in and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

If I could be a party planner, I would plan dog parties. That's right, parties for dogs. Guests would bring their dogs for fun games and dog-safe treats. That way, people could have fun at a party and so could their dogs.
–Sophie, age 10, Colorado

I would plan book-themed parties. The host would choose a favorite book, and I would transform her house into a setting from the book. I love to read, so this would be a lot of fun for me.
–Tara, age 12, Tennessee

I would be a fashion party planner. I love clothes, so I bet I could come up with lots of fun things to do at the party. One activity would definitely be a fashion show!
–Abigail, age 10, New York

My specialty would be planning tea parties for girls ages six and younger. All of the little girls would get all dressed up and it would be adorable.
–Scarlet, age 11, Washington

If I became a party planner, I would specialize in planning parties that help people and animals in need. I would help kids and families choose charities to donate to instead of giving gifts at parties.
–Lili, age 10, Illinois

If I could be a party planner, I would specialize in Christmas parties. I love the holidays!
–Sarah, age 13, Michigan

I would plan "travel" parties. The birthday kid or guest of honor could choose any country in the world, and then I'd put up decorations, play music, and make foods that represent that country.
–Evelea, age 12, Illinois

I love to bead, so I would definitely plan beading parties. My friends and I make jewelry together all the time, so it would be fun to see party guests' faces light up after finishing their creations.
–Lucy, age 11, Tennessee

I would plan music-themed parties. I play two instruments, so I know a lot about music. The invitations would have sound so people would have to listen to the lyrics to get information about the party. And popular bands would play live at the party.
–Katherine, age 12, Massachusetts

I would enjoy planning sports-themed parties. At each party, I'd provide loads of soccer balls, a goal, a basketball hoop, and gymnastics equipment, and all of the food and drinks would be sports-themed, too.
–Emma, age 11, Canada

I would definitely plan swimming parties because I love to swim and I could probably teach guests some swimming strokes, too. I'm like a fish in the water!
–Reese, age 10, Florida

I'd have fun planning parties with historical themes. I would plan parties that would make guests feel as if they're living in the past. From colonial times to the 1970s, guests would create crafts, make food, and wear historical costumes. It would be so fun.
–Beck, age 11, New York

I feel like I'm already a party planner! I'm always throwing fun sleepovers for my friends. I love planning themed games and baking tasty treats. Planning a sleepover is one of my favorite activities.
–Maria, age 12, Texas

Past You Said It!