Past You Said It!

Instant Traveler

Ten-year-old Addison-Jade asked this question: "If you could clap your hands and be instantly transported to any place in the world, where would you choose to go and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

I'd go to Sweden! I'd love to see the mountains.
–Clover, age 12, Wisconsin

Definitely, I'd pick Hawaii. I have always dreamed of laughing in the summer breeze and enjoying a shave ice with my family.
–Shameecka, age 10, Georgia

I would pick my home. That way, if I forgot something or got lost when I was somewhere else, I could be home in an instant.
–Allie, age 12, Florida

I'd go to Paris because I'd like to study the roots of ballet.
–Annie, age 11, Indiana

I'd go to my grandma's house, because I love to sit and read on her porch swing. Sometimes she comes with me, and we sit together and read our own books, each in her own little world.
–Carly, age 12, New Jersey

I'd pick Romania. My dad grew up there, and I want to know what it's like to live on a farm and shop at local outdoor markets.
–Odessa, age 9, New Mexico

I would go to Texas. l was born there, and it's so much fun to visit! We ride four-wheelers and dirt bikes at my aunt's farm, where there's plenty of space. I have the best memories of Texas.
–Madi, age 9, Georgia

I would go back to Alaska. It has amazing views.
–An American Girl fan, age 9, Virginia

If I could clap my hands and go anywhere, I'd go to Italy. My brother is there, and I miss him.
–Lilly, age 10, California

I would love to go to Burbank, California, because I want to be a singer and actress on TV one day, and that's where the studios are located. Plus, I could meet a lot of celebrities!
–Meghan, age 13, Georgia

I would go to the bottom of the sea, because it's pretty and serene.
–Emily, age 11, New Hampshire

I would want to be transported to Egypt. It's always been a really fascinating place to me. I love all the cool pyramids and buildings. Egypt has so many mysteries—I'd really love to find out more in person!
–Emma, age 10, Missouri

I would go to London, England. So many famous historical characters were from England, and I could learn so much more about them if I was there.
–Abigail, age 10, California

It's hard to pick just one place—there are so many countries and cultures to explore! My first place would most likely be my mother's home country, Korea. She was adopted from there, and I have always wanted to go and see what it's like.
–Jocelyn, age 13, Arkansas

I would choose to go to Buffalo, New York. That's where my cousin attends college. I'd love to be up there with her! And can I get two claps? I would also love to go to my best friend's house—she moved to Georgia this summer.
–Olivia, age 12, New York

If I could clap my hands and go somewhere, I would go to a jungle in Guatemala. I have always loved jungles and the animals in them. I once went on a mission trip there, and it is very special to me.
–Hannah, age 9, Georgia

At the moment, I love where I am right now. I'm with my family. I have a roof over my head and great friends. Where else would I rather be?
–Brooke, age 12, Kentucky

Past You Said It!