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Soothing Stuff

Eleven-year-old Cassie asked this question: "When you feel stressed, upset, or hurt, which comforting item do you turn to and why?"

These girls shared their thoughts:

When I feel stressed, I like to play my viola—every stroke of the bow pushes out my worries.
–Sarah, age 12, Missouri

I always go to my baby blanket first. I've had it since the day I was born, and it's always a comfort. When I snuggle with it, all my troubles seem to melt away.
–Catie Beth, age 11, New York

Listening to my MP3 player makes me feel better. Sometimes I turn on some peaceful tunes, and other times I listen to rock songs and dance my heart out. Music always puts a smile on my face.
–Madeline, age 10, Idaho

My diary is my comforting item. Whenever I have a problem, I jot down my thoughts in it. My diary can't talk, so it won't spill my secrets!
–Nevaeh, age 13, New York

If I get frustrated about something, I grab my basketball. When I go outside and shoot hoops, it totally clears my mind.
–An American Girl fan, age 11, North Carolina

When I'm feeling hurt, I sit in my favorite comfy chair. Maybe it's the happy pink color or the fact that it's so soft, but whenever I sit in it, I instantly feel better.
–Hannah, age 10, Mississippi

My two favorite stuffed animals, Puppy and Giraffey, get me through tough times. Puppy reminds me of my grandma, because he was a gift from her, and Giraffey makes me think about my brother who gave him to me—he's in the Navy, and I miss him a lot.
–Hannah, age 12, Florida

I like using scented lotions and aromatherapy oils to make myself feel better. Those soothing scents make my troubles float away.
–Primrose, age 10, Washington

My dog's leash is the first thing I grab when I'm upset. I go for a long walk with my dog, and she "listens" to me. Then I run with her through the park—that always makes me feel better.
–Allison, age 12, Kansas

After a bad day, the first place I go is my big, comfortable loft bed. It has a bright, cheerful comforter, fluffy pillows, and all of my stuffed animals.
–Kimmy, age 9, North Dakota

I read a book in a quiet spot when I feel upset. When I read, I travel to a whole new world—the characters' world. All of my worries vanish, and I forget about what was bothering me in the first place.
–Veronica, age 11, Missouri

My stress reliever is my trampoline. Doing a few gymnastics moves clears my mind.
–Kristen, age 13, New Jersey

I look at family photos when I get upset. Thinking about fun times helps me focus on something other than my bad mood. Seeing myself smiling in the photos cheers me up, too.
–Zahava, age 12, California

If I feel stressed, I turn to my American Girl dolls. I tell them all about my bad day, and it feels as if I'm talking to a few close friends.
–Kaylee, age 11, Kentucky

When I need to calm my nerves before a big test or recital, I sit down with my blank notebook. Then I write a story about my problem and think about how my characters would solve it.
–Emily, age 13, Washington

That's easy—I grab my favorite hoodie! To me, at the end of a long, stressful day, there's nothing better than wearing my old gray sweatshirt, putting on my headphones, and drawing in my sketchbook.
–Dani, age 12, Michigan

Past You Said It!