Celebrating Girls and all they can be

Books that educate, entertain, and inspirePrint

American Girl books are there for girls every step of the way—as they begin to read, start school, face issues about friends and family, and dream about setting off on their own adventures. Our titles have graced the bestseller lists of the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today, in addition to garnering dozens of awards from parenting groups and industry leaders.

Character books

American Girl’s character books captivate readers with stories of heart, hope, and history and celebrate what it means to be a girl—past and present. Gentle life lessons throughout the stories remind girls of such lasting values as the importance of family and friends, compassion, responsibility, and forgiveness. Full of wisdom and encouragement, the stories show girls how to meet their own challenges with strength and courage.

Advice & Activities books

Our contemporary books provide the insightful advice and absorbing activities girls enjoy, inspired by features in our own American Girl® magazine. Covering subjects from quizzes, cooking, and art projects to boys, babysitting, friends, and hair care, American Girl has sold over 34 million Advice & Activities books (including more than 4.1 million copies of The Care & Keeping of You 1: The Body Book for Younger Girls) that guide adolescent girls through a wonderful and sometimes challenging time.

American Girl books are available at bookstores and retailers nationwide, as well as at American Girl's proprietary retail stores, through the American Girl catalogue, and at americangirl.com. For a free catalogue, call 800-845-0005.