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My American Girl® dollsPrint

The My American Girl® line of contemporary 18-inch dolls, books, accessories, and interactive online experience for girls ages 8 and up lets every girl create a truly special and meaningful doll that’s as unique as she is.

Using an innovative online tool, girls can personalize their My American Girl doll’s individual look right on-screen—choosing from over 40 different combinations of eye color, hair color and style, and skin tone. The personalization continues with a variety of special extras such as braces, glasses, and earrings, as well as outfits and accessories that reflect girls’ favorite interests and activities.

Each My American Girl doll comes with a special charm-keeper necklace and access to innerstarU.com, a fun, enriching, and safe online world where a girl’s doll comes to life. Together, girls and their online My American Girl doll can explore the virtual campus of Innerstar University® and engage in games, quizzes, and challenges to earn awards, as well as find friends and e-mail other players. Eight non-player characters, called Innerstar Guides™, challenge girls to be their best, while giving real-life tips for boosting their confidence and spirit.

The My American Girl line also includes a series of multiple-ending books set in the world of Innerstar University. Each book contains a special code to get additional online endings, as well as temporary access to the online world at innerstarU.com.

For a free American Girl® catalogue featuring the My American Girl doll line, call 800-845-0005 or request one online.