What's Your Beach Style?

Kanani loves going to the beach! If you went to the beach, would you prefer to swim like a fish or lounge on a towel? Take this quiz to find out more about your "sandy" style.

1. When you first step onto a beach, you

a. kick off your shoes and run into the water.

b. look for the best place to lay out your blanket.

c. head over to the rental stand to pick up a body board.

2. What's in your beach bag?

a. a snorkel and mask

b. the book I'm reading and a cute hat

c. money for a hot dog and ice cream

3. I can't live without my

a. board shorts.

b. sunglasses.

c. flip-flops.

4. If I'm in the ocean, I'm

a. splashing in the waves.

b. lounging on a float.

c. flying by on a speedboat.

5. When I'm at the beach, I like to

a. spend all day swimming.

b. leave after a few hours or I'll get bored.

c. try water sports such as skiing or tubing.

6. My least favorite thing to do at the beach:

a. sunbathe.

b. swim.

c. say good-bye.

7. One day I'd like to try

a. surfing.

b. sailing.

c. snorkeling.

8. If I'm in the sand, I'm

a. building a sand castle near the shoreline.

b. collecting seashells.

c. playing beach volleyball.

9. My favorite beach treat is

a. an ice pop—quick, before it melts!

b. a bag of chips to eat while sitting on my blanket.

c. salt-water taffy from the boardwalk.

10. If I were a sea creature, I would be

a. a playful dolphin.

b. a colorful starfish.

c. a silly crab.

11. When I sit on the beach, I like to have

a. a spot close to the ocean.

b. a huge umbrella and comfy lounge chair.

c. a big blanket and MP3 player.

Quiz Result Image

You're a Majestic Mermaid!

Just like a mermaid, you could play in the waves all day! You can entertain yourself easily and enjoy sunny days in the ocean. Next time you're at the beach, try a new water sport such as snorkeling or body boarding. Click here to take this quiz again!

Quiz Result Image

You're a Shore Star!

You like to relax on the sand and enjoy the ocean from a distance. Your perfect day involves listening to the crashing waves while sitting in a beach chair. Next time you're at the beach, take a walk along the shoreline and snap some photos of the pretty views. Click here to take this quiz again!

Quiz Result Image

You're an Ocean Ace!

You love the beach whether you're in or out of the water, trying daring water sports, or lying on the sand. You know all the best places to swim and where to get the best snacks on the boardwalk. Next time you're at the beach, teach a friend how to play beach volleyball or how to body board. Click here to take this quiz again!