Hi, I'm Joss

I love catching air on my surfboard.

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My BFF Sofia

is not only my closest friend—she’s my surf sister!

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Meet Murph,

the incredible surfing—and skateboarding—bulldog!

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My teammate Brooklyn

is always there to cheer me on at the gym—and on the skateboard ramp!

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My hero Tina Hart

always says, "Be all in—100%."

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I'm hard of hearing.

I’m deaf in my left ear and wear a hearing aid in my right.

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My brother Dylan and his friend Nico

are total goofballs on their surfboards.

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Beep beep!

Here comes my oldest brother Liam in the surf bus!

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The trampoline

is my favorite place to practice my cheer jumps—and my surf tricks!

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The surfer’s code

has lots of rules, but this one is the most important.

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Get to know me

Watch these videos—featuring me!—to get a glimpse of my world.

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  • Surf or Cheer
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When I train at the gym, I'm not just practicing cheer stunts. I'm building the strength and flexibility I need to unleash new tricks on my surfboard! And guess what? The balance and stability I gain from surfing help me fly high in the cheer gym. There are no limits to what I can do!

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Let your hands do the talking

When I’m not wearing my hearing aid or I’m in a noisy place, I sometimes use American Sign Language, or ASL, to communicate with my family and friends.

surf flip cards

Learn to sign letters in ASL with this fun memory game

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Try something NEW

I was born to be a surfer—or so I thought. Joining the cheer team was the hardest thing I've ever done. But now I have two sports I love, plus a bunch of new friends!
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