World by Girls Contest. Thanks to everyone.
who shared a vision for building a better world. Out of hundreds of wonderful and imaginative entries, our judges chose the ones they found the most unique and creative.
Congratulations to our 3 grand prize winners.
These girls wowed us, and each won a Truly Me doll, entertainment center, couch, sweet outfits, and more.

Mayra H., Alberta, Canada: "Book Portal"

Readers would select a book, then be transported into its world by stepping through the portal.

"A book portal would make the world a better place, because many people dream about being one of the characters in a book, if only just for a second. With the book portal, those dreams could come true."

Savannah W., Colorado: "My Forever Family"

Adoption is a real solution that gives kids in foster care a forever home.

"Every child deserves a place to call home … Adoption is a wonderful solution that gives a child a family that will never let them go. Thanks to my parents, there are five less children in foster care who are now reaching for the stars!"

Dara V., Kansas: "World by Girl Development Center"

Girls would learn how to turn their interests and skills into profitable careers.

"Girls don't have to be adults to be entrepreneurs. The World by Girls Development Center would be the ideal experience in encouraging, preparing, and developing the skills girls need to do BIG things!"

Kudos to our 30 first-place winners.
Each girl brings home a Truly Me doll of her choice.
star Jade L., Maryland
star Alice A., California
star Emily N., Ohio
star Hannah D., British Columbia, Canada
star Olivia B., New York
star Elisabeth C., Illinois
star Madelyn M., Florida
star Lilly W., Illinois
star Allison R., Missouri
star Xi Le O., Illinois
star Camille L., Georgia
star Sara R., Pennsylvania
star Natasha N., Michigan
star AnneLouise P., Mississippi
star Millie R., Wisconsin
star Taline H., California
star Maggie A., Michigan
star Mitsuka K., California
star Kaylee B., Prince Edward Island, Canada
star Alyssa M., Oklahoma
star Kendra B., Michigan
star Erin M., Texas
star Tarharleen D., British Columbia, Canada
star Alexa V., Massachusetts
star Rebecca P., Wisconsin
star Mary R., Colorado
star Briana S., Florida
star Catherine M., North Dakota
star Kara T., Washington
star Mattie G., Washington